At, it’s our mission to provide you with the most current, accurate and reliable education information online. To support this mission, we accept advertising on our site.


  • Ad-banners would be placed in 3 slots.
  • Ads will be shown across the entire website*.
  • Ad banners can be animated (2-3 frames).
  • Ads should be provided in GIF/JPEG format.
  • Advertising will begin in the allotted slots, with approved ad-formats, within 5-7 business days after receipt and clearance of payment.

Please read the advertisement policy below for your information.

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* The mobile version of website is not included. Further, the number of slot remains the same though the placement are not strictly applicable on the “home-page”, and advertisements are not necessarily included in non-content pages viz. sitemaps, advertisement-tariff, policy and related pages, search and search results pages, terms of use etc.,



The purpose of this policy is to explain the types of advertising that we accept on our site and the limitations that we impose on advertising. It’s also important that you are able to easily differentiate between advertising and independent editorial content on our site. We’ve developed an editorial policy that explains our approach to ensure that the advertising you see on our site has no influence on the quality, accuracy or selection of editorial content and services that we provide to you. When we speak of “advertising” or “advertisements,” we mean all forms of advertising, sponsorships and promotions for which we receive compensation.

We do not endorse products, services or companies. has not evaluated the products and services advertised on our site. The appearance of advertisements is not a guarantee of those products, services or the companies that manufacture, distribute or promote such products or services. The fact that certain products and services are advertised on our site is not an endorsement of those products and services and does not influence the editorial content on our site.

We clearly identify all advertising so that you’ll know what is an advertisement and what is editorial content. We use clear and consistent language and visual cues to distinguish advertising from editorial content. Please be aware that all content within the advertisement is controlled by the advertiser, subject to the restrictions contained in this advertising policy. If you click on an advertisement, it will usually link to a website that’s operated by the advertiser. We have no control over the advertiser’s website or the policies on that site. You should familiarize yourself with the terms of use, privacy policies or other policies applicable to those sites before using them.

Search results that are in response to search queries or keywords entered in search boxes on our site are editorially or algorithmically programmed by and its search vendors. Advertisers do not influence the order in which we present search results on our site.

There may be cases where contextual advertisements appear within pages on our website that are deemed related to the content on that specific page.

The ads appearing on this website are delivered to you by and various web advertising partners which may change from time to time without notice. Information about your visit to this site, such as number of times you have viewed an ad (but not your name, address or other personal information), is used to serve ads to you on this site. In the course of serving advertisements to this site, our third-party advertiser may place or recognize a unique cookie on your browser. We don’t share identifying information about you. We may share anonymous, aggregated statistical and demographic information with advertisers regarding how our site is used. However, information in these summary reports cannot be linked to you individually.

We do not accept certain kinds of advertisements. has adopted certain limitations on the types of advertising that we accept. We, at, has the right to refuse any advertisement that is inappropriate or incompatible with our mission. Advertisers are prohibited from placing any advertising that:

  • Contains false or misleading claims;
  • Promotes products that are illegal or whose distribution would violate the law;
  • Promotes the sale of firearms, ammunition or weapons designed to inflict serious bodily harm;
  • Promotes the sale of fireworks;
  • Promotes betting or gambling;
  • Promotes pornography; or
  • Advocates a political, religious or controversial public position or candidate for public office.

The following criteria must be met to allow a company to advertise:

  • The advertisement, advertising icons and company logos must be displayed in such a way that they clearly are not part of the website content.
  • Advertisers and agencies cannot collect email addresses without the users’ expressed permission.
  • The full rules for any market research or promotion must be displayed or linked to.
  • Advertisers and agencies cannot collect any personally identifiable information from visitors.

These guidelines are intended to provide general guidance. They are not inclusive or exhaustive and are subject to change at the discretion of at any time.

We will review this policy frequently, and we may revise it periodically. If we make changes to this policy, we will post the updated policy on our website.