3 Streams to choose in becoming a Mobile App Developer

The other day a friend of mine looked upset. On asking her the reason,  she replied – ‘I just burned 200 calories yesterday. Need to work out more’. I was a little startled at first by the specifics that she mentioned. It was later I learnt that one could track that by a ‘mobile application’ or just ‘app’ as it is commonly known.

There was a time when becoming an Engineer or a Doctor was mainstream; today becoming a mobile app developer is one of the most sought after fields among teenagers.

More so, India is going digital and there is currently a high demand of app developers in our country. And if you want to pursue a career as an ‘app developer’ here are the top 3 fields you should enroll in.

Bachelor of Engineering (B.E or B. Tech)- Information Technology (IT)

Since the dawn of internet in India, the field of IT has been the most opted field. Today, there has been a lateral shift with the field of IT – from being a ‘website developer’ to an ‘app developer’.

The course of IT Engineering is offered across various universities in India. The IITs, BITS (Pilani,Goa,Hyderabad), Mumbai Univeristy, NIT Warangal,  Sardar Patel Institute of Technology, VJTI to name a few are some of the top institutions in India that offer the course.

Subjects (including and not limited to): Computer Networks, Web Programming, Information Theory and Coding, Operating Systems, Open Source Technologies – Kindly note that the subjects may vary with respect to the universities.

Eligibility: 10 + 2 and clearing of entrance exams like JEE and AIEEE.

Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)

This is a 3 year degree course. Many people think of BCA and B.Sc I.T as a second alternative to IT Engineering. However, that is not the case.

A student after pursuing BCA can further opt for a Post Graduation Degree – MCA.  The course of BCA covers subjects related to computer systems and Subjects (including and not limited to): Programming Principles and Algorithms, C Programming, File Structure and Database Concepts, Data Structure Using C, Object Oriented Programming using C++, Core Java, and Advanced Java.

Eligibility: 10 + 2 with minimum percentage as set by respective institutes

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (B.Sc I.T)

This is also a 3 year degree course and is similar to the B.E I.T course. However, the B.E course runs for 4 years. But practically if one would compare the subjects that Engineering covers in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year with the 3 years of B.Sc – the subjects won’t differ much.

Subjects (including and not limited to): Problem Solving Methodologies and Programming in C, Foundation of Information Technology, Data Structure, DBMS using FoxPro, Systems Programming, Object Oriented Programming, Java, and Operating Systems.

Eligibility: 10 + 2 with minimum percentage as set by respective institutes

As you might have seen, there is no direct field or stream to become a ‘Mobile App Developer’. While you are graduating from these fields you can specialize in Java (for Android), Objective C (for iOS) or HTML5 (for cross platform mobile apps).

Also, there are many companies that give an initial training once they hire. There’s definitely a bright future for this field. The future of apps is mobile!


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