Animation courses after 12th

Animation is the fastest growing among all the current fields.

From films to television, you can find animation and its impact on a daily basis.

There is, in fact, a dearth of animaters, as projects are piling up at every media house, and there are very few good animators.

Animation courses after 12th is thus a good choice for students who have the necessary skills to make a decent career in this field.

The basic skills required for an animator before s/he joins an animation course are:-

  • Drawing / sketching skills – Every animation institutes/colleges emphasise the importance of good drawing/sketching skills.

You need not be a master at drawing or art, but knowing the principles would surely enhance your prospects of doing better to become an all-round animator. With knowledge of basic principles, you know the essentials of an image, the visual impact, what it communicates, the size, the fine shades etc., which will give that much realism to the animation work you do.

Hence, if you are good at drawing/sketching, sharpen your drawing skills further before you plunge in to the world of animation.

  • Creativity – You need to be creative in your thoughts, which would ultimately reflect on your work and give it an individuality to it.
  • Next up, is the ability to work as a team. Animation is a team-work, where various artist work on different things in a single project and thus having a team spirit is very important.

The animation courses after 12th you can opt for:-

  • B.A in animation
  • B.Sc in animation
  • Diploma in animation
  • Certificate courses

The eligibility is a pass in 12th from any stream (Science, Commerce or Arts)

Percentage-wise, is not much, as institutes take students with minimum 45% marks and above. Please check with the institutes for the percentage required.

Most of the institutes conduct national-level or their own in-house entrance/aptitude tests before admissions.

Specialisations available in animation courses after 12th

You can specialise in various segments of animation in 2D and 3D animations viz.,

  • character animation,
  • visual effects
  • gaming
  • character modeling
  • mechanical animation
  • lighting
  • clay-mation
  • texturing
  • vfx
  • digital mixing etc.,

Higher-level courses in animation

Most of the institutes who offer after 12th courses in animation do have post-graduation level courses too in their insitutes.

The IITs have animation courses for only engineering background students.

Institutes / Schools for animation courses after 12th and post-graduation levels

IIT, Bombay
IIT, Guwahati
J.J School of Arts, Mumbai
The Birla Institute of Technology, Ranchi
The Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC), Pune and Mohali
The Centre for Development of Imaging Technology (C-DIT), Thiruvananthapuram
The Department of Animation of St. Albert’s College, Kochi
The Keltron Animation Organisation
The National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad

Some private institutes for animation courses after 12th and post-graduation levels

Amrita School of Arts and Sciences, Kochi
ANTS Animation Training School, Bangalore
Arena Multimedia
DSK International School of Design, Pune
DC Media School,Thiruvananthapuram
MAEER’s MIT Institute of Design, Pune
Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics, Chennai
Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics, Bangalore
The Whistling Woods School of Animation, Mumbai
The Image College of Art, Animation and Technology, Chennai
The Image College of Art, Animation and Technology, Chennai
Toonz Animation India Private Ltd.,
Toonskool Advanced Animation Academy, Bangalore
Toonz-Webel Academy, Kolkata
ZICA, Mumbai

Decision – Should you take up animation after 12th?

If you have the required skills and determination, taking up a course in animation after 12th is the right choice.

Check out the institutes’s reputation and whether they place you in any industry after your course. This is because, in India, work experience is given more weightage, hence preferring an institute that provide a job will be the best option. Also, the more you work, the more you learn in this field.

Students who are unsure of whether to take up animation right after 12th, you can very well take a safer approach.

You can opt for a bachelor’s degree, preferable in fine arts, engineering, technology or architecture and then go for animation in post-graduation. By doing this, you open up other options too, along with animation, for your future career.


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