BCom BBA courses caters to two different career fields.

The first, Bcom, is general accounting while BBA or BMS is specialised course for management.

To get to know which one suits a student the better, we compare both in terms of the course coverage, study focus, subjects, career prospects etc., of these two.

course definition

B.Com Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce
BBA / BMS BBA – Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration;BMS – Bachelor’s Degree in Management Science / Studies(BBA / BMS are one and the same degrees with different names. The names are chosen by the institutes. However, both courses offer graduation programme in management, and the subjects covered are similar.)

years of study

B.Com 3 years
BBA / BMS 3 years

study focus

B.Com Basic accounting and finance
BBA / BMS General Management – Business Administration

contents / subjects

  • Accounting & Finance management
  • Cost management
  • Auditing
  • Economics
  • Human Resource
  • Export Management
  • Industrial Psychology etc.,
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Human resource
  • Business & Industrial law
  • Business mathematics
  • Business ethics
  • Management
  • Operations & Research
  • International business
  • Public relations management
  • Export-Import business
  • Retail management etc.,

career prospects

B.Com Compared to BBA/BMS, B.Com stands equal chance in terms of career prospects after graduation.However, in general, the overall demand for commerce graduates are ‘medium’, since the course is general in nature, until unless you have graduated from the top institutes in India.Students though have a wider choice in higher studies, compared to BBA/BMS, that would get a good start to your career.PS: B.Com (Honours) gives students a choice of specialisation in its last year
BBA / BMS BBA/BMS is  similarly a general management degree, hence the market demands for this course stays ‘medium’.

You need to do a specialisation in management higher studies to get a good start to your career.

The best option for students going for either B.Com or BBA/BMS is to as far as try and get admissions from the top institutes that would add more value to the graduate degree.

higher studies

B.Com Accounting & Finance
  • Chartered Accountancy
  • Cost Accounting
  • Financial Analyst
  • MBA-Finance
  • M.Com


  • MBA (Regular streams) or P.G. Diploma in Management


  • Company Secretary

(for detailed options of higher studies in Commerce, click HERE)

BBA / BMS Management
  • MBA (Regular streams) or P.G. Diploma in Management

(For detailed options of higher studies in MBA, click HERE)


which one to choose bcom bba / bms?

B.Com BCom is for students who are basically good in accounting, but are also open / would like to have a wider choice of subjects for higher studies later viz., Economics, MBA, Industrial Psychology, HR, Export-Import etc.,
BBA / BMS BBA / BMS are for students who are focused and determined to make a career in management and take up MBA / Management (Business Administration) related degrees as their higher studies option.


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