Chemistry as a career choice after 12th

Chemistry is one of the most important fundamental sciences. The research and development in the field of chemistry has given us everything from soaps, cosmetics to medicines. A career in chemistry is definitely the best way to contribute positively to this world through your work.

The field of chemistry basically studies the substances and how these substances react with other. A person working in the field is known as chemist. There are various ways to become a chemist. All chemistry majors do not become chemists. They may also enter into other branches related to this field.

Courses to be done in Chemistry

The chemistry lovers can opt for Bachelor of Science degree after 12th standard exam. Those who have studied physics, chemistry and mathematics till 12th class are eligible for the admissions. All Indian universities offer B.Sc. in Chemistry degree.

If you are interested to study the applied part of chemistry, you can give Engineering entrance exams and enroll for B.E. / B.Tech in Chemical Engineering. This bachelor’s degree will teach you basics of applied chemistry.

The Master’s level courses are also available after BSc and BE/BTech courses. Master’s degree also opens the door for various specialisations, research fellowships, PhD and academic positions for the students.

Top areas of specialisations in chemistry

  • Depending on the personal interest, students can opt for various specialisations in chemistry. Mostly, you get this choice at the level of Master’s degree. Fields such as Organic Chemistry, Agrochemistry and Biochemistry are useful in farm industry.
  • Chemical engineering, environmental chemistry, food processing and inorganic chemistry can get you well earning job in respective industries.
  • For the lovers of space and stars, astrochemistry is there. Here, you study the chemical composition and nature of materials in space. It opens many opportunities of research in high tech labs for you.
  • Another high tech branch of the chemistry is Nuclear chemistry. As world looks for the cleaner sources of energy, the opportunities in nuclear sector are constantly growing.
  • The climate change is the biggest challenge that humanity is facing today. A specialization in environmental chemistry will teach you how one can balance the ecology using chemistry.

Job opportunities in chemistry

  • The most popular career option for chemistry graduates is research. They go on to pursue PhD in area of their interest and get employed at research organization in the same domain. This includes health care, engineering, cosmetics and medicine related chemical laboratories.
  • Research career is just not about sitting in lab and mixing chemicals. It involves creativity, applied knowledge and field work as well.
  • Teaching is another career option for you. You can teach at various universities, research labs and training institutes.
  • Pharmaceutical companies also employ chemists on large scale. Here, you have to help the company in running drug trials, discovering new drugs and creating effective medicine. You get an opportunity to save lives using your knowledge of chemistry.
  • Public research institutes and government also give many opportunities to chemists. You are supposed to work as scientist or scientific adviser on many government health and industrial projects. You can search for these opportunities through newspaper classifieds or government job portals.

By this time, you may have noticed that career in chemistry is full of diverse and challenging opportunities. It is an exciting and promising field to work for.


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