Opportunities in Environment related studies

Environmental Studies was not a viable option for students until recently, but it is changing faster with environment, not only making up for a cool degree, but one that pays handsomely.

Here we discuss on how and what is environmental studies in terms of the courses it offers, scope and future of this courses, various specialisations under it etc.,

The study of environment is currently offered by all the top universities and institutions.

Does environmental studies have a secure future?

The answer is a big YES. In fact environmental career option is currently one of the top choices of youngsters, who have understood the immense scope in this field compared to the conventional ones, in terms of career enhancement and remuneration.

How and what is environmental studies?

With globalisation, every industry and organisation in the country aims to be on par with international level in terms of quality, safety and standards of their product.

While, the international norms for manufacturing and production activities among others, have strict rules in meeting environment standards, like, less pollution in air and water while production/manufacturing, stricter emission norms, environment safety laws, preserving ecology etc.,

Adopting these environment-friendly methods helps companies not only save the environment, but project their organisation in a much better way to global customers, which ultimately means opening up bigger market and better business.

To cater to these needs of companies, new academic fields have opened up in the field of environment, which students can take up as a career option.

The best part is that, student of any stream viz., science, commerce, arts, management etc., can take up a specialisation course  in environment related to her/him.

We present below the major specialisations under environment studies:-


Environmental Science

This field of science deals with understanding the physical, chemical and biological components of environment and its overall impact on human being.

Course study – Pure science (B.Sc / M.Sc)


Environmental Engineering

This engineering field deals with applying science and engineering principles to improve the overall quality of environment viz., air, water and other natural resources.

Course study – Technical science (B.E / B.Tech)


Environmental Law

Environmental Law degree deals with the statutory policies, legal framework that affects an organisation with regards to environment.

Course study – Bachelor’s / P.G. Diploma in Law


Environmental Management / MBA in Environment

Environmental Management involves Managing and overlooking various aspects of environmental norms, rules, policies etc., affecting an organisations activities viz., manufacturing, production etc.,

Course study – Master’s in Environmental Management / MBA in Environment.

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Environmental Economics

Relates to the study of environment policy, market economics, cost analysis etc., vis-à-vis project sustainability

Course study – Law & Economics


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