How to be a Teacher, Lecturer or Professor in India

Teaching is not a lost art, but the regard for it is a lost tradition, said Jacques Barzun the famous American educational philosopher.

In our country, for many, wanting to become a teacher, especially a school teacher is often a choice of convenience rather than ambition.

Most young women, especially, take up this profession as it is conventionally considered a flexible job where one can manage the demands of the household after working hours.

However, the real reason for anybody to take up teaching as a profession should always be the belief that it takes large hearts to shape young minds.

The job of a teacher is one of the most underestimated jobs in the world, but it is one of the most noble and satisfying profession compared to others.

Let us discuss the steps one should take in being a teacher in our country.

How to be a Pre-Primary Teacher in India

Any individual who has passed 12th grade with at least 50% aggregate marks and has undergone a Montessori teacher training certificate course is deemed eligible to teach pre-school kids. But teaching is that one profession where the quality of the individual matters more than the quantity of his/her academic achievements. Genuine fondness for kids with a protective mindset about their wellbeing should be one of the foremost qualities in the teacher. He/she should be able to engage the little ones in rapture and must have tons of patience and creativity.

How to be a School Teacher in India

Post passing out of 12th with a minimum 50% pass percentage graduates must pursue a B.Ed degree to become eligible for attending the CTET(Central teacher eligibility test) to apply for jobs in CBSE schools or SET (State teacher eligibility test) to work with state boards.

In order to become a secondary school teacher one often needs to possess a Masters degree(in a stream like Science, Arts or Commerce) in addition to a B.Ed and most importantly good number of work experience.

How to be a College Lecturer/Professor in India:

Aspirants who want to become lecturers/professors in colleges should have a post graduate degree in a stream. Students with a doctoral degree like M.Phil or PhD under their list of accomplishments gets an obvious upper hand over the rest of the applicants.

On the other hand those who wish to become lecturers/professors in Professional Colleges have a post graduate degree in addition to their Bachelor Degree (like MBBS, BDS, BTech, BArch, MLT etc.,)

What skills are required to be a teacher in India?

It is of paramount importance to understand one’s aptitude as an individual and to assess whether one has the right reasons to take up teaching as a profession. The influence of great teachers know no limits. Every job demands a certain level of emotional intelligence but the job of a teacher needs that kind of intelligence quotient the most. A teacher is the most pivotal element of an educational system. Good teachers are like good artistes they bring so many things into existence from literally thin air.

As a student we have seen and experienced many teachers during our School and College days, but to become a teacher whose name pupil’s chant with love and reverence even in the absence of any physical proximity requires an individual to be filled kindness, amazing strength of will and spirit to accomplish – After all teaching is the only job that ultimately creates other jobs.


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