Things you need to know to be an Architect

If you love clicking pictures of all those gorgeous structures that you visit and wonder how was it created or felt it could have been better or this needs to be restored like this or that; then you probably are inclined to become a good architect.

Here we put up all the things you need to know to become an professional architect.


The study of Architecture involve learning the art and science of designing and construction of buildings and other structures. In the current scenario, it is considered to be one of the most demanding and highly rewarding professions.

If you aspire to be an architect, the following steps will greatly help you in your endeavor.


Just as any other field, to become a successful architect, you need to have the skills to match your passion. In architecture, it is the penchant for designing and drawing. This will hold you in good stead right from the begining of your journey to the world of architectural designing.

The first step in the academics, for being a professional architect, is the entrance exams that tests your skills that are closely related to architectural designing viz, sketching, drawing, aesthetic sense, your sense of proportion (space) etc.,.

In India most of top colleges take the scores of NATA (National Aptitutde Test in Archituture) for admission to the bachelors degree programme in Architecture. (know more:


The next most important step is to enroll yourself for a bachelor’s degree program in Architecture. Typically, most colleges in India offer a 5 year course; make sure that you enroll into a reputed college.

The course syllabus entails the study of different elements of a building structure including its structural design, new building technology, environmental planning, project management etc.

For students who have a degree in unrelated field must enroll for a master’s degree program in Architecture.There are plenty of choices in master’s program that specialize in different aspects of architecture including design theory, construction synthesis, fundamental resources research, resource management, building theory etc.

If you are looking to find an entry level job in the architecture field, you can enroll for an associate degree program in architecture. The associate program focuses more on the practical applications of the concepts rather than the theory knowledge.


To become an independent architect you need to obtain a valid certification and a license and to get that you need to have a prior working experience. The best way to gain valuable practical knowledge and test the skills and techniques acquired is to go for an internship program.

The internship program would help you get familiar with the various steps of building. You get the first-hand experience of how the different building techniques and processes are implemented and also you would get to learn the trick of the trade from the experts. (Read – Why internship is important?)

Obtaining License and Renewal

As per the law, all architects need to have a valid license to undertake any project work. To get the license you need to appear for an exam and on clearing the exam, the license is granted. Once you obtain the license it is important to renew it periodically by obtaining new education credits.

The licensing body require all the certified architects to complete a designated number of hours of continuous education on an annual basis. The continuous education helps you to stay abreast with the latest trends in the industry and also learn new and advanced technologies related to your field.

Typically, the advanced courses include topics like environment friendly architecture, advanced safety features of building, architectural acoustics etc.


To be successful and establish a flying career in architecture you need, most importantly, to have penchant for building. The study of architecture requires meticulous planning, dedication and loads of hard work.

Follow the above steps and make your way up to becoming a successful architect.


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