Top 5 Music Schools in India

Music in India has steadily risen to great heights. Today, India is home to some of the best music institutes of the world. Getting a ‘degree in Music’ is as mainstream as getting a ‘degree in Engineering’ or ‘becoming a doctor. So, if you are one of those seeking to make a career in music, here we list the top
5 music schools of India.

1. KMMC: The Conservatory ‐ Chennai

Established by the A.R. Rahman foundation in 2008, the KM Music Conservatory is one of the best institutes in India. The living legend of Music, A.R. Rahman, serves as the Head Principal of the institute. What more do you want from a musical institute? Located in the campus of KM College of Music and Technology, this institutes boasts of powerful faculty members having vast experience in the world of music.

The institute offers a plethora of courses from part‐time to full time, suitable for all ages. The full‐time courses are in collaboration with the Middlesex University in the U.K.

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2. Madras Music Academy

This is one of the oldest music academies of India. Established in the year 1928, this institute has been influential to promote the Carnatic style of Indian classical music. The academy offers fulltime and part‐time courses, as well as a special Vocal music course for a duration for 4 years.

Apart from these courses, the academy also hosts Special Endowment Programme, Workshops, Annual competitions and collaborative events.

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3. Delhi School of Music

If you are interested in Western Classical Music, this is the place to be. Established in the year 1966, by Dr. H. J. Koellreutter, this one of the few music schools in India that has a tie up with the some of the best European Music Schools viz. The Royal Schools of Music and the Trinity School of Music.

One of the best institutes to learn western classical music, the Delhi School of Music caters to more than 1300 students yearly. It offers courses on learning guitar, piano, cello, violin, recorded, and flute.

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4. Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music, Tamil Nadu

Founded by GRK Reddy, in the year 2010, SAM boasts of a top‐class faculty which includes acclaimed musicians not only from India, but some of the best jazz, Latin, and rock musicians from the USA. Not to mention, the faculty also consists of members from legendary bands such as Dream Theatre, Journey, and Yes.

Apart from offering a Bachelor’s Degree, Diploma in Music Performance, Diploma in Music Production it also conducts Summer Programs, 5 Day Camps, and Special Workshops.

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5. Calcutta School of Music

Set‐up way back in 1915, by Dr. Phillip Sandre, the Calcutta School of Music offers top notch courses in contemporary classical music, western classical music, speech training, dance, drama, and elocution.

The institute offers courses that help students take examinations of the Associated Board of The Trinity Guildhall, the Thames Valley University, and the Royal Schools of Music.

The Indian Music and Dance section is headed by Mrs.Dalia Rahut, while the Western Music section is jointly headed by Mr Kaushik Das & Mr Biplav Singh.

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So, all you music lovers out there no more need to compromise on your dreams of making a career into creating heartfelt music. Enroll in one of these institute and live your dream.


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