What careers are related to Geography?

Geography classes in school was that time of the day when we all travelled to unknown lands through international waters beyond borders without moving an inch from the familiarity of our classrooms.

Being a field of science dedicated to the study of the lands, its features and inhabitants and various phenomena of Earth, the career options available are also equally varied.

Here below we list the careers that you can pursue with a degree in Geography-

Ever wondered how much effort has gone into the designing and development of maps? As a cartographer your scientific, technical and artistic insights will be used to create maps. Nowadays Geographical Information System (GIS) and digital mapping techniques are predominantly used in this field.

Is this property or piece of land an economically viable and environmentally sustainable entity? Major decisions like these that involves making accurate measurements and assessing the impact of a major development are made by keen surveyors who are often employed by governmental agencies.

Surveyor measures the size and shape of an area of land using surveying tools and technology, determine the boundaries, monitor construction projects with engineers, creates charts and reports etc.,

Landscape Architect
The beautiful lawns, intricately done gardens adorned with beautiful flowers and stoneworks, lush green golf courses are some of the brilliant works of talented landscape architects. They use their skills to plan design and convert open spaces into aesthetically appealing environments and some breathtaking outdoor designs.

They make a thorough examination of the soil, its topography, the ecology and surrounding roads and buildings. They also design areas like playgrounds, stadiums, walking streets etc., to name a few.

Environmental Consultant
We keep utilizing the natural resources mindlessly and pumping pollutants into the natural environment.

As an environmental consultant you would be analysing the quality of the air, water and land and will be a key person for the government and non-governmental bodies in helping them to frame laws and policies to manage crisis in environmental systems.

Science Writer
As a Science writer your knowledge and training in any branch of Geography can be put to greater effect if you have writing skills complimenting it.

You would be writing news and featured articles for print and media on the scientific breakthroughs, discoveries, research studies, announcements, latest works by renowned geologists or scientists etc.,

In short you would be communicating the happenings in the scientific world to the general public.

We all know that teaching is a noble profession, but to work as a teacher who moulds and instill a sense of environmental and global awareness in the mind of future generation is a much greater deed.

You become the guide that lights the path of students with a sense of responsibility towards our mother nature and environment.

As a demographer you will be studying the characteristics of human population. Your job involves collecting data to study the population

patterns, mortality and fertility rates, migration and other characteristics of the population.

You may work for big corporations, like Hindustan Lever, Procter & Gamble etc., who manufactures products for the general population and hence require such data to understand their needs and behavioural patterns.

You may also work for government organisations, for medical industry or even work on your own by lending your services on contract.

GIS Specialist
Geographic Information System (GIS) means the collection and assembling of different types of data and present/displays them in a digital format for easy understanding.

These specialist gather information regarding location of assets like bridges, rivers, and flood defences etc., using computer tools.

They may also work on measuring soil density, river erosion etc., that helps researchers working on conservation of natural resources.

International Aid/Developmental worker
As an aid worker, with a degree in geography, you will be planning and evaluating projects with regards to disaster management, long term development, healthcare etc., where international aid / funds are needed.

You will be researching, writing and helping in raising funds for these projects.

How to go about it?

The scope of career options available are diverse, depending on one’s personal interest and aptitude.

To start with, you primarily need to have a degree (Bachelor or Masters) in Geography for pursuing the above-mentioned careers.

A mixture of additional skills like good communication, strong presentation in addition to competent IT and scientific skills will surely help

you go a long way in this field.


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