What is the scope of a career in environmental engineering?

Climate change has become a global reality now and governments are trying to minimize its effect world over. Implementing the concept of sustainable development is going to be crucial in our fight against the climate change. Environmental engineers are foot soldiers of this fight. These professionals are responsible for creating sustainable options in the domain of chemistry, biology, soil science and engineering to tackle environmental problems.

Waste disposal, public health, recycling and pollution control are focus of the environmental engineering. The aim of this discipline is to create balance ecology for better future. This article will tell you about environmental engineering as a career option.

Educational qualifications

Major universities across the globe are offering Bachelor of Engineering or Bachelor of Technology degree in Environmental Engineering. The admission requirements are same as other engineering degrees. For Master’s degree, people from fields like chemical or civil engineering are also welcome.

Five year integrated courses are also available for aspiring environmental engineers. It includes bachelor’s and master’s degree. While, Research and PhD options are available to students too.

The students will have to learn various aspects of environmental engineering through multiple field projects, laboratory experiments and classroom sessions. For practical experience, colleges assign students at various places for internships.

Must have soft skills

1. Confident communication

Many times environmental engineers have to advice things which are not in the interest of project progress. But you have to a powerful communicator to convince your superiors about the environmental impact and costs of these activities.

2. Imagination and problem solving skills

For constant delivery of innovative solutions, environmental engineers are expected to have imagination and superior problem solving abilities. Important problems such as worker’s safety, health and ecological imbalance are expected to be solved by environmental engineers.

3. Voracious reader

Due to the multidisciplinary approach to the subject, environmental engineers are exposed to many topics. They should be curious to read about topics out of traditional domains of engineering.

On job tasks for environmental engineer

1. Creation of various reports

The environmental engineer is responsible for creating Environmental Impact Assessment Reports for any infrastructure project. You also have to inspect and review these reports and give sound advice to your organization. Standard operating procedures during the times of environmental disaster have to be designed by the engineer as well. One is expected to constantly update this plan.

2. Design and create

Designing and creating environmentally sustainable project is important task. Sometimes you will be assigned to build facilities such as waste treatment plant, air pollution monitoring and controlling system and sewage disposal mechanism.

3. Environmental rehabilitation

The environmental engineers are also responsible to recreate degraded ecosystems in the region under their jurisdiction. You will have to design environmental improvement programs, quality controlling mechanisms and legal remedies to recreate the ecology.

4. Consult private corporations and agencies

Many private firms hire environmental engineers to make sure that their factories and buildings have minimum carbon footprints. The engineers are also expected to inspect all the machineries and production lines at the company for following all legal standards about the environment.


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