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  • User Asked 2 days ago in forensic science.

    The eligibility for MSc forensic science is listed differently in different colleges.

    For example, at Delhi University the eligibility listed as only BSc / BSc (Hon) in any Science subjects, while at Panjab University, along with science graduates they have listed engineering degree holders also to be eligible.

    Hence, if you have shortlisted any college for MSc Forensic Science, then you need to call the admission department, or better, visit their office and check out the eligibility.

    Since you are having an applied science background of biomedical engineering there may be a possibility that they could consider your application for MSc forensic science.  All the best!

    Further, you may also consider Cyber Forensic courses, since you have a little background in computers and also have a technical background.

    Do remember that forensic is still in a nascent stage in our country and hence jobs are limited to government and few private labs. As the field develops  we might see a huge growth in future, but currently it’s scope is limited as far as getting jobs are concerned, while abroad in countries like the US and European ones, there is better scope.


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  • User Asked on November 14, 2017 in After 12th.

    Well, all courses are equally good for girls and boys. So, you should choose something that interests you the most and have a passion to gain more understanding about it.

    Coming to BFM, it is a specialised course that focuses on financial markets, like the stock market, capital, commodity market etc., with knowledge basically more towards finance, investments with a bit of taxation and statistics.

    So, it is good for someone who have an interest towards it, and you could find a job in organisations that are closely related to these areas.

    Since it is a specialised degree, hence it is focused to a particular sector, while degrees like BCom or BAF is more general and has wider options of getting accounting and related jobs in different sectors. So, you should keep that in mind.

    With competition too high, it is important that you do higher courses and other relevant courses that enhances or compliments your knowledge. So, along with BFM, you may pursue, say, Company Secretarial course, or after your graduation, get an MBA in Finance. Also, keep in mind, that whatever you choose after 12th, make sure you get in to a good and reputed college for the course that you have chosen, as it counts much initially when you start job hunting.

    All the best. Cheers !!

    Source: http://genwis.com/after-12th/b-com-vs-baf-vs-bfm-vs-bbi/

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  • Students from engineering background have option of pursuing either MSc or Integrated PhD programmes, depending on their choice.

    You could find good number of colleges with MSc mathematics program, while given below are few integrated-PhD courses that may be pursued by students with engineering background in the following colleges

    IISc – http://www.math.iisc.ac.in/degprog-intphd.html

    IIST – https://www.iist.ac.in/admissions/phd/isro/dos

    IEOR – http://www.ieor.iitb.ac.in/admissions/phd

    CMI – http://www.cmi.ac.in/admissions/

    IIT-B – http://www.math.iitb.ac.in/Academics/msc_phd_dual_programme.php

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  • User Asked on October 19, 2017 in Engineering & Technical.

    What’s best for you only you can decide, because only you know what you are good at and what your current position is. Government jobs are available for diploma as well as degree holders.

    A graduation could get you a higher positioned job in a government organisation, but comparatively there are more jobs for diploma holders.

    So, you need to know what is that you like to do. If there are financial issues then may be you could go for a job, then after 2-3 years you can do your B.Tech or write the AMIE exams and increase your chances for better opportunities.

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  • User Asked on October 16, 2017 in After 10th.

    After your 12th in science stream (that includes maths), you need to get admission in Software or Computer Engineering courses like B.E. or B.Tech in Computer Science or IT.

    After your graduation, you need to go for higher studies with a specialisation of your choice.

    It would be good if you try and understand what computer engineering is and what it involves before joining, if you have not done already. May be do a bit of research on google and go through videos to understand what basic programming is all about. You could join a short term course during your holidays, on basic programming, to get a better understanding of what is practically involved. It will clear a lot of your doubts and could make you more confident before taking up the course.

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  • You can check out the eligibility criteria and details of KVPY scholarship from their official link here – http://kvpy.iisc.ernet.in/main/eligibility.htm

    I hope it helps.

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  • User Asked on October 12, 2017 in Science & Medicine.

    Agriculture is a vast field of study and involves different areas of specialisation, and Horticulture is one of the specialisations under it.

    If you are more interested in agriculture as a whole and have more inclination towards big crop productions like rice, wheat, cotton etc., then agriculture could be the best option. It also covers large area of production.

    If you are more interested in smaller things that are covered in a smaller area like fruits, vegetables, ornamental gardening etc., then Horticulture could suit you.

    Horticulture is a specialised area, and hence you need to be sure before you take it, but you could speed up things depending upon what you plan to work, after your studies, on your own.

    Agriculture is a broad area and you should take it only if you have an interest in studying such a vast subject, and also if you don’t want to specialise right away and want to spend a good time in learning all things involved. If you are planning a public or private sector job, this might be a good route, but it takes longer time considering that you would be doing postgraduation with a specialisation.

    Both are equally good, as far as prospects are concerned, provided you put in a lot of efforts in your projects and practical work that is involved along with your academic studies.

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  • User Asked on October 9, 2017 in IT & Graphics.

    Good to hear that you are already comfortable with web design etc.,

    The basic eligibility for BSc computers or BSc IT is a pass in 12th with mathematics as one of the subject taken in 12th, along with achieving the set cut off percentage by the college you may be applying.

    Computer programming is basically numbers and logic. So, if you are good at numbers and have a sound logical mind, these courses may suit you.

    If you talk about the scope, then a BSc computers or IT may not have higher scope as compared to technical courses like BTech /BE in IT or Computer Science. So, if you are planning BSc level, then it is advisable that you may pursue higher studies like MSc too after your graduation, as the competition is pretty high. Also, do projects and internship to stand out in the crowd.

    Computers are the future and the more you are passionate and interested about it, the more you will research and find solution. If you have the skill and the passion, and ready to put in hours together every day, doing coding etc., then it may bring you good success. All the best !!!


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  • User Asked on October 9, 2017 in forensic science.

    Hi Raksha,

    Forensic Science is a good choice, provided you are in to it for a long haul. The job opportunities after graduation are extremely limited as it is concentrated more at government agencies, and hence getting a masters (Msc) or higher degree could be a better option.

    If you take biology after 12th, you can still take up forensic science for your masters. So, if the job market is improved, and you still have an interest, doing a masters in forensic science could be beneficial at that point of time.

    Most of the reputed colleges offer forensic science at the masters level currently, so may be taking up biology for graduation could be a better option.

    Forensic science is pretty new in our country and like every other newly introduced technology or process, there is limited number of jobs available initially and it takes time.  Read this article to understand more – 3 things no one tells while choosing a new field of study

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  • Hi, may be this answer on options in mathematics could help you decide better –



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