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A working professional who likes to guide young students in choosing career. Loves sports and movies. Currently doing Counselling Psychology.
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  • User Asked on September 14, 2017 in After 10th.

    Ideally, if you want to have a career in mathematics, then it could be better to take up Science stream after 10th.

    You would have to be equally good in Science, if you are taking the Science stream, so that you maintain a high scoring percentage in your 12th to get in to top colleges for higher studies in mathematics.

    Courses, after 12th, in mathematics, include –

    BSc Mathematics (Regular) – 3 years
    BSc Mathematics (Honors) – 4 years

    There is also option of doing integrated courses, like

    4 years BS + 1 year MS course from IISC, and

    3 years BSc + 2 years MSc combined courses

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  • User Asked on September 6, 2017 in After 10th.

    If you are serious about music, you may start pursuing classical music, like Carnatic or Hindustani, whichever is comfortable for you. as this would build a good base for your singing career.

    There are courses like BA Music, which you may take up after 12th. Hence, after 10th, it could be better if you pursue your 11th and 12th in, preferably, Arts stream, since it has an optional Music subject.

    While studying 11th and 12th, you can join music classes for Carnatic or Hindustani, or whichever you want to pursue. This would help you build a strong base in the 2 years before you go for higher studies in Music.

    You can search for good classes near your town from local search websites like justdial.com, sulekha.com etc.,

    Music is a creative field, and hence along with competition, your hard work and uniqueness matters. You need to put many hours of practice daily for years together to find success in this field. All the best !!!

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  • Being in 12th, PhD is still a long way, so you still have a lot of time to think about it.

    However, a scholarship is absolutely important for PhD research. PhD takes time, like, up to 3 years, and it is difficult to work while doing PhD, as almost 3-4 hours of your daily time is taken up for research work.

    Also, during research there could be conferences, seminars, workshops etc., that needs to be attended, which would require additional money, and in such scenario a scholarship helps and you may not need to put in extra money.

    It is a good idea to get a scholarship as it keeps your focus on studies and not waste time on running around to collect money, until unless you are extremely rich to afford all this.

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  • User Asked on August 26, 2017 in After 12th.

    Here is a similar query and answer to the same.


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    You need to contact the officials of the Scholarship for more information. Check out the official website – http://www.online-inspire.gov.in/Account/ContactUs

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  • Good to hear you are interested in research, that’s pretty rare these days.

    However, you cannot pursue research after 12th. It can only be done after your Masters (MSc, MBA etc.,).

    If you are talking about BSc, then you may check out the list of top ranked colleges in India from the India Today website viz., http://indiatoday.intoday.in/bestcolleges/2017/

    Their rankings are pretty fair and reliable too. All the best !!

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  • User Asked on August 4, 2017 in Career.

    D. Pharma is a diploma in pharmacy, while B. Pharma is a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy.

    A retail drug license is issued, to open a chemist/medical shop, to persons holding a degree or diploma in pharmacy from a recognised institute or university after completing their training and depositing the requisite fee. However, one should check the government regulations, rules and eligibility at the time of completion of the course.

    Check the pharmacy council of India website for latest and detailed information – http://www.pci.nic.in/ForStudent.aspx

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  • User Asked on August 4, 2017 in After 12th.

    There are plenty of options after 12th with these subjects. You need to shortlist the ones that you are good at. Look at the profession these fields lead to, and see if you have any interest in pursuing a career in it.

    Let’s say, suppose, if a student like math. Then, one option could be engineering field, provided she/he is extremely good in maths and physics subjects equally.

    Alternatively, she/he can pursue computer engineering, but again maths has to be extremely good. Along with the same, the student should be logically sound to understand and implement the codes.

    Other options could be a career in mathematics, wherein the student can take BSc + MSc route, and look for working on research in maths, or take up teaching jobs in colleges after clearing the NET. Also, working in banks and financial institutions could be an option.

    So, shortlist the subjects you like the most, check out which course you are eligible in these subjects (according to your percentage, stream etc.,) , search for the professions that course will lead to, and finally, whether you have an interest in working in that field / profession.

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  • User Asked on July 30, 2017 in Science & Medicine.

    Most of the jobs currently in forensics are limited to government agencies, with few private organisations involved. Since the jobs are limited, there is competition with students with a PhD or MSc forensics sciences.

    Forensic and biotech both are still in the infancy stage, and hence the dearth in job. But, there are vacancies for qualified students in teaching. May be you could clear NET and teach students. You may keep on applying in companies along the way.

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  • User Asked on July 24, 2017 in After 12th.

    A total of 10,20,762 students appeared for cbse 12th exams.

    1% of the above total number comes to 10,208 students.

    10,091 students from the total above have already scored atleast 95%, while a total of 63,247 students scored above 90%.

    Hence the score of 88.40% doesn’t fall in the top 1%.

    Source: Indian Express

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