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  • User Asked on July 20, 2016 in After 10th.

    Good that you have interest in Commerce.

    Commerce basically means trade or business. So, whatever is applicable in trade or business is taught in this stream.

    Accordingly, this stream, covers subjects like – Accounting, Finance, Costing, Taxation, Organisational Commerce, Economics, HR, Export etc.,

    The most important subject from all the above in Commerce is – Accounting, as in the higher studies after 12th, you would have atleast 3 subjects on this viz., Costing, Financial and Management accounting.

    If you like numbers, have interest in understanding how a company accounts its monetary transactions, how the accounting books are maintained, how they balance the profits and losses, want to work in such departments in a company or other financial institutions, then Commerce will suit you better.

    After 12th, there are professional courses in Commerce, which could be pursued along with your graduation studies, like – Chartered Accountancy, Cost Accounting (ICWA….now ICAI) and Company Secretaryship.

    After graduation, you have MBA / Masters / PG Courses in Finance.

    Till 12th you will only have one subject in accounting though. After 12th you can either opt for core accounting degrees like – BCom/BAF or others like BBI (banking & insurance), BFM (financial markets) etc.,

    Some students take Mathematics along with Commerce in 11th, depending on how good they are in it. It is optional though. However, taking maths opens up other options after 12th too.

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  • User Asked on July 20, 2016 in Career.

    There are difference job profiles in banks viz., PO, Clerks, Computer / IT officer etc., and hence you need to identify which role you want to apply.

    The IBPS conducts a common entrance exam for most of the banks. You can check out the same on the IBPS website.

    SBI have their own PO exams, which you need to clear for getting a job in SBI.

    For private banks you can checkout their website for online vacancies and apply for the same.

    The IFBI conducts courses through which you may get entry in to private sector banks

    You need to complete your graduation to be eligible for officer’s posts, and since there is lot of competition, higher studies after graduation will give you a better chance.

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  • User Asked on June 27, 2016 in Engineering & Technical.

    The more you get the better, especially, if you are planning to get in to the top colleges like the IITs, BITS Pilani etc.,. For admission to these Tier-1 colleges you could need to get atleast 90% and above.

    You may get in to other private colleges, which are nearer to your place, if your percentages are lower than this. If you have shortlisted any colleges, you may check out what was the cutoff percentage in the college last year. You may visit their website or call up their admission office to know what it was last year.

    You may atleast try and get around 65% and above, or you may try for courses in software programming like BCA or BSc IT / BSc Computer Science etc.,

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  • User Asked on June 23, 2016 in After 12th.

    You can do higher studies in maths viz BA / BSc in Mathematics (Honors or Regular) and do your PhD for research and doctorate. Alternatively, you can do your B.Ed after BSc / BA and get in to teaching, or complete your MSc and then go for teaching.

    You can also do Actuarial Science – BSc in Actuarial Science

    You can also get in to computer software programming – BCA / BSc IT / BSc Computer Science

    Students good in mathematics and having a good logical reasoning can opt for a field like – Economics (BSc /BA)

    You may also try Banking & Insurance sector course like – BBI, and/or also go for a professional degree like CA.

    Maths has lots of options as such.

    More info here –

    also read this –

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  • User Asked on June 23, 2016 in Media & Arts.

    Architecture is a creative field and an exciting one too. You need good spatial intelligence (viz., skills of drawing, sketching etc.,) and creativity / imagination.

    It is highly competitive market out there, so your skill, creativity, interest and above all hard work will keep you one step ahead of the competition. Unlike, other fields, where you get a basic degree and with some efforts you get a 9-5 job, this is not.

    However, with infrastructure development in full swing in our country, a career in architecture is bright for the students with the right skillset and interest.

    Hence, if you are confident about your skill and have high interest in this field, you may choose a career in this exciting field.

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  • User Asked on June 20, 2016 in After 12th.

    Since you are good in accounts, either of the options are fine. It depends upon which area of Commerce you are more interested. BCom and BAF are more accounting focussed, while BBI has Banking & Insurance subjects and hence would be good for students who wants to work in the banking or insurance sector, to get the basic info on the banking laws and rules. BFM is more about financial markets, and hence if you plan to get in to this area of work, take BFM.

    Go through the subjects each has to offer, and select one which appeals to you the most. Also, do remember, that these course are only graduation degree courses, and hence you will face tough competition in the job market and the pay will not be great, until unless you get a good rank and doing it from a reputed college. All these matters when you hunt for the job.

    If you want to work after graduation degree, then you need to stand out in the competition, for which you may do the following things viz.,

    • Take admission in a reputed college
    • Study hard get a high rank / percentage every year.
    • Do a professional course like CA, ICWA or CS (Company Secretaryship) along with your degree. These are professional degrees and have high market value.
    • Do internships / voluntary work during your summer break in companies/NGOs in the accounts or admin departments.
    • Do short-term computer courses like MS Office, Tally etc., These are the basic programmes that accounting people work on initially in an office setup.

    All the best !!!

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  • User Asked on June 15, 2016 in After 10th.

    Here is an article on the difference between a degree and a diploma –

    Taking Diploma is a good thing, but it narrows down your choices to that field. Also, a degree has much more value compared to a Diploma in the job market. Further, taking up Science in 11th, opens up more options after 12th, while doing Diploma directly in Computers will give you limited options. You may take up Science with Computer options in 11th and after 12th you have the option to decide whether you want to pursue higher studies in Computers or other field.

    However, in case you do not like Science, and you are not good in it, then there are chances that it might affect your scores in 12th. Also, after Diploma if you complete a Degree programme in the field, you have a solid profile.

    Hence, if you are completely focussed on Computers, and extremely sure of a career only in computers, then Diploma could be a good option. If you are unsure, and want to try out a little before going full-fledged, then taking Science with Computers could be a wise decision.

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  • Yes, you can pursue Aeronautical Engineering in PG after UG in Mechanical Engineering. Regarding selecting Mechanical Engineering you need to check out the cut-off and accordingly apply for the same. If you still want to do Aeronautical Engineering, then you may have to compromise on the quality of the college, and it is up to you to decide on that. Doing Aero after Mech makes much sense, as doing Mech will give more options of specialisations, which could help, if in case you lose interest in Aero mid way or want to have more options in hand.

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  • In comparision, an Economics degree has far more and better scope in terms of higher studies, jobs, and status than a B.Com degree.

    So, now you may choose which one you want to do, Economics or B.Com?

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  • User Asked on June 14, 2016 in After 12th.

    First of all, if you are money minded in your approach, then prepare to get disappointed, because none of the option can guarantee you good money, until ofcourse you follow it with passion and dedication.

    BDS may be a good option of the three, as there is lot of scope for dental doctors and the demand is every increasing. I can see the queue at a dental clinic ever increasing with little kids, to teenagers, to adults all queing up to fill / remove those bad tooth. Also, people are more driven by the looks nowadays and a fine set of teeth really enhance one’s look. You can read more here on the specialisation and scope of dental science –

    Pharm D is basically pharmacist job in big hospitals and healthcare industries. If you just want a job with good pay, you may opt for it. But the scope is limited.

    Biotech Engineering is still in nascent stage. If you want to pursue you need to get in to the top colleges like IITs etc., otherwise it would be a struggle in small colleges where you won’t have facilities in the lab, not great faculties, which will all hamper your interest for studies in this field. Also, the job scenario is not that great, if you only take a B.Tech in this field. You need to do higher studies with good experience of work to get some really good pay packages. So, if you are planning for quick bucks, this field might just not be the right option for you.

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