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  • User Asked on March 8, 2015 in Engineering & Technical.

    You can always do your MBA part-time while working too. However, if you feel Distance is fine with you, you may go ahead with that.

    MBA HR is a good option, provided you are inclined to working in the HR division of an organisation.

    In HR you will be dealing with people of the organisation, and hence your communication skills need to be on top, with a positive outgoing personality to match.

    You should have good patience level to deal with people, as you would be meeting different kinds of people everyday.

    A logical approach when dealing with employees is utmost important, while having a knack of problem solving skill will be an added advantage.

    HR is an interesting field with lot of trainings in people management, assessing individuals and groups, being part of team that design new employee management systems etc., If you like to get in to all of these, then MBA HR could be a good first step in to the HR profession.

    Most importantly, whatever you choose, make sure you put all your efforts and get good grades, and opt for a good college. As, once you are in HR you will realise that all freshers are hired on the basis of their academic grades and reputations of their colleges.

    Here is a list of top HR and Personnel management colleges in India from Hindustan Times – http://www.htcampus.com/subcategory/human-resource-personnel-management-colleges-in-india/

    To get to know which colleges have Distance Education option, you need to do the following in that above link – You need to click the “filters” button and, in the options that displays, select “Distance” under Course Delivery option.

    Other sources for top indian B-Schools:

    1) Best Business schools state-wise from Business Today magazine – http://businesstoday.intoday.in/bschools/state-city-wise-analysis.jsp

    2) Top schools as rated by independent rating agency Crisil – http://www.crisil.com/ratings/bschool-school-grading-list.htm

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  • User Asked on March 8, 2015 in After 12th.

    Psychologists do work in hospitals and lab, but they also work in other environment.

    It depends on what area of speciality the pschologist have. A clinical psychologists mostly work in hospitals and institutions related to health and care.

    A forensic or criminal psychologists may work in police stations, criminal detection cetnres, courts etc.,

    Clinical psychologists and counselling psychologists, who take up pricate practice, have their own offices and work schedule.

    They also work in corporate office of companies, in schools, and still others work in centres that deal with therapies.

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  • User Asked on March 8, 2015 in General.

    Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam sir has inspired me the most.

    His father was not educated, but he wanted his son to study. Kalam sir would get up at 4am and first thing he would do is to study his favourite subject mathematics.

    He and his cousin brother would then go around the town distributing the morning newspaper. His town had no electricity, and only kerosene lamp were lit at his home between 7pm to 9pm. His mother used to save some kerosene everyday for him because he studied late till 11pm.

    From all this difficulties and struggle he rose to become the President of India.

    He is also awarded with the highest civilian award the Bharat Ratna.

    Kalam sir believed and never let off his dream to succeed.

    He is an inspiration to every Indian student that single-minded devotion to our goals will one day lead us to success. We have to dream before our dreams can come true.

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  • User Asked on March 8, 2015 in After 10th.

    It seems you are planning to do engineering.

    Either of them are fine. Taking up diploma could be good choice, especially, if you have already decided engineering as your career.

    However, there is no compulsion on doing diploma engineering, if you are planning for B.Tech / B.E. for higher studies. You can take up 11th (science).

    Also, if you wish to have more options after 12th, taking up regular 11th (with science stream) could be a good idea.

    It happens that sometimes after 12th we can have a change of mind about the course we might want to do. In such a situation taking up science in 11th is a safer option, as we have the option of either doing engineering and something else that we find attractive after 12th.

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  • User Asked on March 8, 2015 in Engineering & Technical.

    Doing an internship anytime is always an added advantage. With so many students passing out every year with graduation and post graduation degrees, you need something to show on your bio-data to stand out and be selected.

    A company always prefer, apart from your grades and college background, someone with a bit of work experience. It saves their time in imparting trainings etc., to a fresher. Getting the work done rightaway from day one is what every company expect in our country. So a little experience is always a plus.

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  • User Asked on March 8, 2015 in Medicine & Related.

    Since you have done your B.Pharm, in case you wish to pursue a career on researching new drugs and therapies in drugs, pharma and biotech industries, then M.Pharm could be the best option.

    If you wish to make a career working as pharmacist in large hospitals and healthcare industries in the country / abroad (US & U.K. etc.,) you may pursue Pharm D.

    The choice is entirely yours and it depends on your interest and what you see yourself doing in your career. Both are equally good options, provided you select the best option suited to your aptitude, skills and interest.

    You can check the basic differences, the work you will do and know more on Pharm D and B. Pharm here – http://genwis.com/medicine-related/pharm-d-vs-b-pharm-course

    M.Pharm is the higher studies after B.Pharm and hence you can relate the same to the above comparision.

    Studying in Europe could be good option if you are clear about what you want to do, and the expenses involved.

    For eg., if you wish to study in UK, then check out with the British Council for approved colleges and they even help you out with counselling sessions and what all needs to be taken care of while studying there – http://www.britishcouncil.in/

    Other good option could be Germany.

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  • User Asked on March 7, 2015 in After 12th.

    Humanities course is vast, in the sense, it covers literature, sociology, psychology, political science etc., It is confusing, yes, but then you have more choices, if you look at the positive side of it.

    A few top choices for higher studies could be –

    Economics – If you love doing all kind of analysis, market research and stuff, statistics etc., then this course could be a good choice.

    Political Science, if you intend to get in to the field of politics, social working, or say, work with international organisations like UN etc., this course could be a good choice.

    Journalism, is yet another exciting career for the ones who are very good at communications, like to write and talk about current affairs, social issues etc., Here you have choices of either working for a newspaper or a television channel in different areas like – crime, poltics, entertainment, sports, arts etc., where you can be a presenter, a writer, or a critic. You can even be a freelancer.

    Sociology, is another choice if you want to work for NGOs or organisations like UNESCO etc.,

    Psychology, another great choice to know more about human behaviour and mind. How and what drives them to behave in a certain manner? With schools, colleges and organisations becoming more and more aware of this field of science, there are plenty of opportunities for psychologists to secure a good job in future. Here again you have a specialisations like Industrial, Counselling and Clinical to carve a niche for yourself.

    If still you are confused, you can jot down your area of interests in a piece of paper on one side, and list out what skills are specifically required against each.

    Say for journalism – writing, communicating, good hold on language etc.,

    Now tick the skills that you believe that you have in each one of them. You can now short list the ones which you have most skills for and then make a wise decision on which one to choose, and go for it.

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  • User Asked on March 7, 2015 in Engineering & Technical.

    Yes. You can apply jobs in aeronautical companies. Most of engineering guys having mech engg in bachelors do work in aero companies.

    You may later do your masters in one of the specialisation in aeronautical engineering for higher studies.

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  • User Asked on March 7, 2015 in After 12th.

    Hi, your question was already answered. Please check this link for the answer – http://genwis.com/ask/question/can-i-pursue-a-course-in-automobile-field-after-completing-2-commerce/

    This answer accepted by Sanaf Seth. on December 15, 2017 Earned 15 points.

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  • User Asked on March 6, 2015 in Science & Medicine.

    You can do your B.Sc in Maths, or B.Sc in any of the science subjects viz., Biology, Chemistry of Physics.

    Later you can do your M.Sc for higher studies with a specialisation of your choice, and for further research studies you could take up M.Phil and Ph.D courses.

    You may also take up teaching job, after your graduation and post graduation.

    Alternatively, after B.Sc you can do your MBA, if you are interested and feel that getting in to management cadre of a company would be good for you.

    Some students, who are creative and have an artistic flair, could take up B.Sc Animation that gets you in to the field of computer graphics, which is a fast growing career option in the country.

    Other options are getting in to Pharmacy with courses like B.Pharm or Pharm D.

    You can also get in to medicine (MBBS) or Dental Science (BDS).

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