Advantage of BMS over BCom

What is the advantage of opting for BMS instead of BCom?

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There is no advantage or disadvantage in choosing one course over another. It all depends on which course is right for you.

B.Com focuses more on accounting subjects with a bit of taxation, banking, HR, economics etc., while BMS focuses more on different areas of management viz., finance, human resource, strategy etc.,

B.Com is thus a bit more broader with different field of work while BMS is more narrowed towards management related jobs.

If you see yourself working in roles like being an accounting, banking, admin, tax or even a HR executive, then may be B.Com might just give you a good understanding and knowledge of things involved in these areas of work.

If you see yourself gaining knowledge specifically in management areas like HR, strategy, marketing, finance etc., and then, may be decide later on which area of specialisation you could take for career or higher studies, BMS may suit you.

For both courses a fairly good hold of basic mathematics is important as both involves numbers viz., accounting calculations and business mathematics in bcom and bms respectively.

While studying, students in B.Com have less or no projects, while BMS students have projects and assignments that involve team work etc., and hence being a good communicator and team person could be an added advantage if one chooses BMS.

CA, Cost Accounting, Company Secretary like professional courses are mostly pursued by B.Com students along with their graduation, while others may opt  for an MBA later.

BMS students mostly take MBA for their higher studies after graduation.

Both courses are a bit different and have different challenges, and hence choosing what interests you the most and subjects which you can handle well makes for a wiser choice.

Also, getting admission in a reputed to decent college that specialises, in a course that you have chosen, adds value.

Jay C User Answered on September 29, 2017.
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