Agriculture or horticulture?

Wanted to know which is better, agriculture or horticulture?

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Agriculture is a vast field of study and involves different areas of specialisation, and Horticulture is one of the specialisations under it.

If you are more interested in agriculture as a whole and have more inclination towards big crop productions like rice, wheat, cotton etc., then agriculture could be the best option. It also covers large area of production.

If you are more interested in smaller things that are covered in a smaller area like fruits, vegetables, ornamental gardening etc., then Horticulture could suit you.

Horticulture is a specialised area, and hence you need to be sure before you take it, but you could speed up things depending upon what you plan to work, after your studies, on your own.

Agriculture is a broad area and you should take it only if you have an interest in studying such a vast subject, and also if you don’t want to specialise right away and want to spend a good time in learning all things involved. If you are planning a public or private sector job, this might be a good route, but it takes longer time considering that you would be doing postgraduation with a specialisation.

Both are equally good, as far as prospects are concerned, provided you put in a lot of efforts in your projects and practical work that is involved along with your academic studies.

Jay C User Answered on October 12, 2017.
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