CA or ICWA after

I am a second year student of Commerce. Is CA or ICWA better after B.Com?

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CA is broad as it covers all the aspect of accounting, while ICWA is more focussed on costing part.

Both are in demand, but CA is required in every medium to big sized company, while Cost Accountants are mostly appointed in big sized company where balancing cost is an important aspect as the transactions are huge, and where even a slight difference in cost could make a huge difference.

CA are involved more in to day-to-day business and auditing kind of thing, while Cost Accountants does more of asessings the spendings of the company. Hence the type of work are totally different for each.

You need to know where your interest lie, to work as an auditor that goes in to each and every transaction of the company or one who analyses and assess the company’s financial system and designing cost control measures.

If you are extremely good at general accounting and number crunching, and wish to delve more into it, go for CA, as it needs a very methodical approach to work.

While cost accountants are more analytical and need ability to communicate well to put forth their analysis and suggestions.

Jay C User Answered on March 1, 2015.
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