Can i know about the different Bcom subjects?

I have heard that there are different types of Bcom courses like Bcom with Corporation, Bcom with Taxation and so on.

Could you people help me by suggesting which one is the best one?

Anonymous User Asked on March 8, 2015 in After 12th.
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There are different types of specialisation in B.Com being offered by various institutes.

You need to check out with the colleges you would be interested on what are they offering, whether it is B.Com general, or B.Com with Banking or B.Com with Taxation etc.,

There is nothing as best in all of them. All are good, provided you choose the one that relates and interests you, and the one which you have the skills to match.

For eg., if you opt for B.Com with Taxation, you need to know what all subjects are covered in it, and whether you are comfortable with them. The course will equip you with proficiency in areas of taxation, accounting and finance.

After your degree you may look for jobs in finance, tax, accounts and auditing sections of companies and banks, or govt bodies like excise etc., and so on with other options.

The only difference is that if you take a B.Com (regular) course, you are not specialising in any one area, but if you take, for example – B.Com (banking) you are specialising in the banking sector, and thus you are focussed only on that sector. It is a good choice for students who are determined to have a career in banking or related sector, but if you are unsure and like to keep your options open,  taking B.Com (regular) and then specialising in a sector during your M.Com or MBA could be a good option.

Jay C User Answered on March 8, 2015.
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