Can I take travel and tourism even if I take science in grade 11 and 12?

I don’t know much about accounts, since I have taken computer in grade 10. I have future alternatives as a doctor and in travel and tourism, so what subjects should I take for it?

Suh Raah User Asked on June 10, 2017 in After 10th.
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The eligibility to get admission in a bachelors degree in travel and tourism is a pass in 12th, with the minimum cut off percentage as set my the college you would be planning to apply. Hence, student from science, commerce or arts could pursue the same.

Being a service industry, one needs to be quick, communicative, team player and have good problem solving skills.

For medicine, you need to take and clear science stream with biology, physics and chemistry subjects in 11th and 12th.

Some students who are unsure and want to keep options open in higher studies that need maths, they choose maths along with the above subjects. Most of the reputed colleges for degree in computer applications courses like BCA or BSc IT insist on maths in 12th. Also courses like BSc math and stats needs one to have done maths / stats in 12th.

Accounting is to “account” or “record” every financial transaction (viz., buy, sell, invest) in a systematic way. It helps you to keep a track of every money you spent or earned. It is an interesting field if one has an eye for detail, love simple calculations, and also a bit of analysing things. One can take commerce (accounting degree) after doing 12th in any stream, though the cut off for admission could be marginally higher for other stream students.

Jay C User Answered on June 10, 2017.

thank u for d suggestion. But I have a confusion. can I study for travel and tourism and for medical field at the same time so that in future I can do whatever job I want?? 😁

on June 11, 2017.

Sorry I missed your comment.

As per this times of india article, a student pursuing a degree course can simultaneously do certificate or diploma course.

However, the study of the medicine is tough one and students who pursued certificate courses like music or dance have and followed a strict time table schedule. You may have little or no time left for other activities.

But if you have real passion, you may try doing short term certificate course, so that you can judge after its completion whether it is worth pursuing and whether you are cut out for something else.

Quite a few doctors after completion of their course do not pursue medicine, because somehow they do not feel the connect, and get in to management or creative arts fields. It is a tough call, but passion and most importantly hardwork and dedication have led success to quite a few.

on July 22, 2017.
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