Confused on what to take after 10th

I’m a sports player, so what should I take for +1 so that I can balance both of them together?

nikhilesh konda User Asked on December 6, 2017 in After 10th.
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The choice of stream should be based on what your interests are and which subjects you like the most. If you take a stream just because you need time for sports, but you are not liking it and not comfortable with the subjects, you may never do justice to it and could in fact struggle. This might infact have an adverse affect on your sports activities too.

Comparatively, Science stream needs more time and dedication by students due to practical classes etc., after college hours. However, there are students from every stream, including science, who actively pursue sports.

Also, if one takes Science with physics, chemistry and biology combination, and are interested in physical fitness, sports etc., they have an option of taking Bachelor’s degree in Physical Training (BPT) after 12th. With physical fitness and sports ventures growing in our country, a qualified physical trainee could be in demand in future. So, that’s an advantage for those students having an interest in related fields.

Thus, if one chooses a stream which s/he likes (being comfortable with the subjects involved), and also find time to dedicate to sports, then they have wider choice. Yes, it could be demanding to be committed to both, but consider this – If they do great in sports, they could continue pursuing it as a profession, and if they don’t find things going positively in sports, then they can always fall back to concentrating on the field they are graduating (that they like) and pursue higher studies or career in that field.

Jay C User Answered on December 6, 2017.
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