Family forcing me to take Science stream, what to do?

My family is full of doctors and engineers. I feel commerce is comfortable as i am good in math but my parents want me to take science only. what do i do?

Anonymous User Asked on February 10, 2015 in No Category.
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It is quite natural for parents to put their kids in something that they themselves have excelled in and give them good security over the years, as parents always want the best for their children.

It would be pretty hard to convince them as they are all professionals and hence they feel that engineering and doctor’s professions have been good for them, so it might as well do good for their children too.

In such a scenario, and since they all are professionals, may be suggesting a career counselling done for you from a good Career Counselling Insititute or Academy near to your place might just help.

As they themselves are professionals, they could surely take the word of a good professional career counselling guide on what profession you are best suited to.

A career counsellor takes your career aptitude test that could give a clear picture on what are your strong subjects, your interest and give you options to choose.

A student who is strong in math, may not necessarily be interested or do well in engineering. Likewise a student very good in, say, History, while in school, might not necessarily do well in a profession related to it.

There are many things at work, and it is important that there is a match between your skills and interest, so that you enjoy what you do as a profession.

Career counsellor could help you in giving an overall picture of this from your test results and interviews and present it to your parents.

Parents are also interviewed, and if there is a mis-match of interest, the counsellor may guide your parents accordingly so that they are also in line or in sync with your interest.

Sometimes, even students have misguided information, which could be rectified with a career counsellor.

You may check out a good career counselling centre near to your locality. You could take the help of your school teachers here for getting to know these centres. All the best.

Jay C User Answered on February 11, 2015.
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Commerce has some really great professional courses after graduation like – Chartered Accountancy, Cost Accountancy, Chief Financial Analyst (CFA), MBA in Finance and many more.

You need to instill confidence in your parents that you can ace the subjects in commerce that will lead you to these popular professional degrees, of whichever is your choice.

Poorni User Answered on February 11, 2015.
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