How to be the top most engineer in automobiles?

I am planning to do automobile engineering, but i want to know how to become the top most engineer in automobiles?

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First and foremost you need to be technically vey sound in your field. Meaning, you should be excellent in the basic subjects needed for engineering like maths and science while in school and high school.

Keep yourself updated of all that is happening in the technical field of automobile engineering ie., the latest trends, by reading or subscribing for journals or magazine on automobile engineering.

Checkout a senior person, who is in to automobile engineering, from your college or your area, and get all the necessary tips and learn as much. Communicate by introducing yourself and showing your interest to learn. S/he will give you all the tips and information of what is actually happening out there in the real world.

Get in to the best college as getting a degree from the top most college is half the work done as far as your first step in career is concerned, provided you are ranked in the top students of your college.

Get recommendations from seniors like professors and professionals who are working, as these will go a long way in helping you gain work in the best organisation.

You can also join a professional association or club related to automobiles, and you can later speak at any events of these organisation, which will build a strong network and give you more confidence in your career.

Attend trainings and seminars related to your field.

Lastly, and more importantly, keep improving yourself, keep collecting even the smallest information possible, this will help you alot in the long run.

Poorni User Answered on March 4, 2015.
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