How to choose streams in mba?

I have completed my engineering in B.Tech I.T & now I would like to start up with my mba for 2015. I am confused as to which stream should I take up with.. should I go fr mba in HR or mba in Finance or mba in Bankingā€¦? Plz help.

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In HR you would be dealing with people while in Finance you are crunching numbers.

If you are an outgoing personality with good patience to listen to people and people management, HR could be a better option.

Mostly you will be screening candidates, taking interviews, working on evaluating performances of employees, or training, people management etc.,

Alternatively, if you wish to spend time on making analysis, creating worksheets on income, costing, profits, projected investments and returns etc., then Finance can suit you more. HereĀ  concentration and patience is the key.

Thus both are different and hence need different skills to tackle.

MBA Banking is a specialised course that is focussed on a particular sector viz., banks. Students who are planning to get in to purely banking sector, it could be beneficial.

Comparatively, MBA Finance and HR are more open and gives students wider choices as it is not restricted to any sector or industry.

Hence, your interest plays an important part as to what you are more comfortable in seeing yourself doing for the rest of your career. Then comes your skills part.


Jay C User Answered on March 5, 2015.
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