How to get a high post if one pursue mathematics?

I am in class 12 and my exam is in 2018. I love mathematics, that’s why I wanna study it. Algebra, calculus are my favourites.

I want to take a job in a high post probably the best one I can have. Also wanted to know the competitive exams to get admitted in the best college.

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A high post depends upon what you see yourself as one. For some being a scientist could be a high post, while for some it could be being a businessman, an analyst, an economist, a statistician etc.,

Mathematics could lead you to success in any of these fields, provided you put the hard work and effort, as there is nothing to replace hard work.

If you like to research and be a professor or a researcher later in life, then taking BSc + MSc + Phd route in mathematics could be ideal.

If you want to work in corporate, then an MBA after graduation could be ideal. You may pursue a graduation in a field of your choice that is either pure mathematics or applied viz., BSc or B.Tech.

Competitive exams are varied and depends upon which department you want to work in future.

Jay C User Answered on June 10, 2017.
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