How to get good marks in accounts?

How to get really gud marks in this subject, when u can’t understand?

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The first question to answer here is – Do you have any other option?

If  not, then you need to understand accounting. Understand the basics of accounting.

If a student doesn’t know why a debit or credit entry happens in the first place, it is difficult for her/him to understand the complex accounting procedures that follows.

The only way to get good marks in accounting is to understand the basics first.

In accounts, if you skip the first chapters or didn’t understand it, you will get stuck and confused in the next ones.

It is a technical subject, which needs logical reasoning to fully grasp it.

Here you need to understand each step before moving to the other.

In accounts, first ask WHY? Why is an entry done – say debit or credit. This understanding of why an entry is done will solve half your problems.

Take out the first lessons and go through it. If you find it tough, but are very serious to understand it, then check out with your teachers (after class), or talk to a senior student.

If not possible, get a private tuition to understand the basics. It is very important that the person you approaches has a sound knowledge of accounting.

Once you understand why accounting entries are done, you need to know how it is done. If a transaction happens, how it is accounted.

After you learn the basics, make efforts and solve the problems/questions related to it on your own. Take help of your books only when you are really struggling. But, do it on your own as far as possible.

This will build confidence and you will slowly know why and how things work in accounting.

It is an interesting subject, if you give it time and dedication to understand it.

Jay C User Answered on March 5, 2015.
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