How to pursue something with energy sector after bcom?

I am a bcom final year student. I am considering doing or after this but my dream is to get to energy sector especially the renewable segment . I am interested in starting something of my own in this segment too. But i am not able to pursue the courses of development of equipment in this coz the qualification required for is that i am deficit at. Only one University is there in india the tata research institute in delhi but i wanna know anything with which i can do after bcom which will get be in this sector and will turn out to be very rewarding as far as money is concerned and can be helpful to fulfill my wish of turning to enterpreneurship.

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M.Com or MCA is a good idea after B.Com.

If you want to get in to energy sector, you need to apply for positions in these companies to get to know more closely on how it functions. You may also try to get in to companies that are related to it, for example, banks and capital investing organisation that are funding the renewable energy sector.

This will give you a better idea on how the funds are generated in these companies.

To be an entrepreneur you need to be first closely related to the working of this sector before you take the decision of getting involved in it.

Secondly, you need support and funds to start anything. For this you need to start building a network of people related to this field, and get to know ways to generate capital.

Here are a few articles that talk about the business opportunities in renewable energy sector in India –




You could also check out the various exhibitions and workshops held on clean energy or renewable energy to gain more information on what is currently going on this field to keep you updated.

Renewable energy is the future and the government too is coming out to support industries who are getting in to clean energy with financing etc., So it might be a lucrative business opportunity in future.

Kiran J T User Answered on March 4, 2015.
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