How to select any one between CA or MBA?

I have read that to be a CA you need to be good in maths.

But i just want to tell u that though i can do maths easily, i m not that much interested in maths.

From the time i have heard of BBS and MBA course, I have a strong desire to do these courses. Please guide.

Anonymous User Asked on February 11, 2015 in Accounting & Finance.
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If you do not have the desire it could be better if you do not pursue that course.

There is no rule that if you are good in maths you should do CA.

Even MBA needs you to be good with numbers, especially if it is MBA Finance. Also MBA has options to take a specialisation like HR, Finance, Operations etc.,

To make a selection between CA or MBA you need to know what both courses are offering? Not just in terms of subjects but the work that you would doing ie., the work profile, as that is what you will be doing day in and day out at your job.

You may go through this link on comparing CA and MBA wherein you will also find what the course offers and what the work profile for each are –

Next you need to know what role you will play in 4-5 years in the career that you have chosen. What does a CA do in office and what are the roles offered as he goes higher up, and so also for MBAs.

You may jot down these things on a paper and then go through it to understand and finalise on the one that interest you the most.

As far as BBS is concerned it is a graduation degree course in management. This should be taken by students who are compltely focussed on doing MBA later.

Weigh the pros and cons and choose wisely.

Jay C User Answered on February 11, 2015.
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