How to study engineering effectively and also enjoy the college days?

What tips can be given to a future engineering student regarding studies? There is a lot to study in engineering i know, so, would college be just about studies or we can enjoy while studying? How to balance and get the best of both? All tips and experiences are welcome 🙂

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Engineering has a tough curriculum, and most of the colleges will only impart you knowledge related to your studies.

Saying that, there are clubs and groups in college that one can join and be an active member. You may take part in sporting activities too. All this helps in balancing the stress created by the studies.

One thing that even a top college doesn’t impart to their students is communication skills or soft skills, which are so important in today’s world where communicating or not communicating effectively can make or break a deal, whether its business or personal. Hence, you may try taking some courses to develop your soft skills, like for example this –

However, to do all this, you need to manage your time well and give priority to your studies and try find time for these extra curricular activities.

While in college it is important to have a group of friends, but again here it is important you have a friend group that give equal importance to study and other activities, and are on the same wave length as you are, so that there is a good and positive connect with them.

As far as studies are concerned, attending lectures every day sincerely is important. Try revising and discussing topics taught with your friends the same day. Sharing and gaining other’s view point is important. Write your assignments on your own and don’t resort to copying from friends’. Get reference from books and the internet for the same. Doing this enhances your knowledge to a great extent and will always remain with you long after you have earned your degree.

Holidays are a great time to enjoy, but doing some volunteering work could be a good way to get to know what’s happening around, and you would start noticing and appreciating things which otherwise you were not aware of. You may never know in future how these experience might shape your career, like this example –

All the best!!!

Jay C User Answered on July 22, 2017.
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