I am confused between maths and law

hello! i am in class in 8 and will be going to class 9  in just few months. My problem is that my mom is saying me to take maths after 10th. I like maths but i am not so interested in it. I like law,i Ilove to know about social and economic life, but my mom is saying that law has no scope of success in future only maths has! please tell me ,i am confused right now.

Vibha Singhal User Asked on December 31, 2017 in After 10th.
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Hi Vibha,

Its a tough call to choose something that one likes in our country, but yes, there are ways that you could change the way your parent’s think.

Law is an exciting field, and unlike the popular belief about only maths and science being the best, people in every other field have succeeded, including law.

If you are interested in law, you should know that it is a field where communication is an absolutely important skill to have. You should be naturally good at communication and debating skills, along with having a good reasoning skill to put forth your argument or point.

Having said that, you could do the following to convince your parents

1) take a career aptitude / assessment test and speak to an expert, to know where your real skills lie and whether you have the skills to match your interest. If your skills matches your interest for law, then the career advisor could convince your parents on your career choices. This could be done after your 9th exams or after your 10th exams.

2) you may also speak to your teachers and/or a close family member, like your aunt or uncle, who could talk to your parents, and make them realise that there are plenty of options where students can be successful.

In our country, there are lakhs of students who take engineering, just because it is considered more “safe” and “secure” career option, but the fact is that majority of them remained unemployed, and only the top college students find or secure and decent job in that field.

To get in to a top college, one need to get a higher grade / percentage, and to get that, you need to be extremely talented in that subject with a high level of interest. Hence, your skill and interest matters the most while choosing a stream.

One more important reason why your skills and interest should match, is that, say, you are good with numbers, and you choose a career that deals with numbers, like – accounting. Now, an accountant’s daily work involves crunching numbers on computer, and if he has the skills, it will come easy and faster to him. Now, along with this skill, if he has a deep interest in accounting, he will try to find solutions to problems he faces, and not just try to fill in hours at work. He will do higher studies to progress in career and gain more knowledge and become a specialist.

We have successful people in every field viz., journalism, engineering, statistics, media & communication, legal, accounting etc., This is because the common trait among all these individuals are their interest matching their skill and ofcourse the hardwork that they put day-in and day-out.

Hence, it is not important which field is currently most in demand, but what skills you possess, so that you excel in a profession related to it.

All the best !!!

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Jay C User Answered on December 31, 2017.
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