I am currently doing Engineering but my interest is towards investigation

I am currently in BTech final year in civil engineering course. I joined this course without knowing what I am really interested in. Right now, I feel my interest towards investigation. Is it possible now? Is it a better career choice?
And if yes, how is it possible to do the same? Any comments, any help would do.

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By investigation if you are implying private investigation, then you may check out on institutions that provide courses / training as private detectives. However, it has its own type of risks involved and one has to know them and the job profile thoroughly before joining.

You need to research on what kind of work a investigator does, how they spend their days, how and where do they work, the working conditions etc., These are important, because it could be possible that your interest may be only because of what they show in the media, while actual work of an investigator could be much different. Their daily routine work (which forms major part of every profession) may not be as interesting as it sounds.

So, do a good research of any field you are interested before making any decision.

There is also field of investigative journalism, that could be pursued if one has interest in journalism, good at writing, able to take risk of life etc., It may require journalism degree to start with.

There are courses like Cyber forensics etc., but you need to check the eligibility factors, as these are mostly done by students who have taken the BSc+ MSc route. Further, forensics is pretty new to our country, and currently the jobs are limited to government agencies, so there could be limitations on job availability.

Jay C User Answered on November 30, 2017.
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