I am really confused to choose my stream can i get some help?

Science or commerce….a big question.

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To choose, you need to understand which one looks more comfortable for you.

Science is a tough stream, like, if you are excellent in science and mathematics (if you are taking maths), then taking it makes sense. The biggest advantage of taking science is that after 12th you got option of either continuing science or taking commerce or arts. However, one should know that if you are just average in it, then the syllabus is set to get tougher in 11th and 12th. If you are unable to cope with it, and score average marks, then changing stream again becomes a challenge, as in most arts & commerce colleges the cut-off for science students is higher for graduation courses.

Commerce will have one subject in accounting in 11th and 12th. Accounting is not maths, as some students think. Accounting is to account (make a record) of every transaction you make (buy, sell, invest etc.,). Transaction is in numbers, and hence accounting involves numbers. You only use the basic calculations in accounting.

Unlike in Science, you get some breathing space in Commerce, as Science students do have practicals and being a tough stream, it is likely that you could be joining coaching classes. Add all that and you have a long hectic day ahead.

Students who are excellent and love science, all the above would sound fun for them, and hence if you are good at it and have a genuine liking then take up Science.

You might need coaching for accounting too, but still there are no practicals day. You save good time on that. You can pursue some other interesting things during that time, say, pursuing a passion of joining a dance class, painting or sketching class, or even cooking. It could be a good stress buster from the studies.

Science and maths don’t have much lengthy answers to mug up and write, but Commerce have subjects like economics etc,. wherein you need to read a lot and write those lengthy answers. If you like em, just like those science lovers, you will enjoy it.

Commerce means “trade”, and hence subjects are related to anything and everything in trade, like accounting, economics, organisational commerce etc.,

One good way of understanding more is to check out the subjects each of them has to offer and research a bit on what they are? Especially, commerce subjects, since students don’t have much idea about what commerce and its subjects are actually about?

So, do a bit of research, weigh the pros and cons, and choose a stream. Keep in mind, whatever you choose, go for the best colleges, even if you need to travel a bit. It makes a lot of difference in the long run. All the best !!

Jay C User Answered on June 7, 2017.
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