ICWA after mechanical engineering?

I am a mechanical engineer with 5 yrs of experience in a tyre industry. I have been thinking of doing some course. And ICWA struck me as a good option. I wanted to know if i have made a right choice and plz guide me through this.

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ICWA is a cost accountancy course.

It is completely unrelated to your engineering background that you mentioned. You may take it, if you want to change your line of profession.

However, the duration of the course is pretty longer and until unless you have totally made up your mind on switching profession, it may not make any sense in pursuing it.

Cost accountancy (ICWA) is however a very good professional degree for anyone who is planning to get in to accounting, especially, cost accounting career.

If your plans are not to change profession, then you may do courses that relates to your education or working profile, say, an MS in Mechanical Engineering that delves deep in to technicalities of Management in mechanical engineering field, or say, since you already have 5-years of experience, an MBA with a specialisation of your choice viz., HR, Finance, Operations, Systems etc., This will give you an overall insight on to how to manage your work and team in a systematic way.

Think over.

Poorni User Answered on March 6, 2015.
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