Is BFM course a good option for girls after 12th?

I am an 11th standard student. I want to choose an option after 12th so that my aim should be clear. I do not know about the stock market and all, but back in my mind, there is an interest in it.

Prabhleen Kaur User Asked on November 14, 2017 in After 12th.
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Well, all courses are equally good for girls and boys. So, you should choose something that interests you the most and have a passion to gain more understanding about it.

Coming to BFM, it is a specialised course that focuses on financial markets, like the stock market, capital, commodity market etc., with knowledge basically more towards finance, investments with a bit of taxation and statistics.

So, it is good for someone who have an interest towards it, and you could find a job in organisations that are closely related to these areas.

Since it is a specialised degree, hence it is focused to a particular sector, while degrees like BCom or BAF is more general and has wider options of getting accounting and related jobs in different sectors. So, you should keep that in mind.

With competition too high, it is important that you do higher courses and other relevant courses that enhances or compliments your knowledge. So, along with BFM, you may pursue, say, Company Secretarial course, or after your graduation, get an MBA in Finance. Also, keep in mind, that whatever you choose after 12th, make sure you get in to a good and reputed college for the course that you have chosen, as it counts much initially when you start job hunting.

All the best. Cheers !!


Jay C User Answered on November 14, 2017.
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