Is forensic science a good option after 12th?

Is forensic science a good option after 12th? or should i take regular bsc biology and later do forensic science in Msc? Please reply..

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Hi Raksha,

Forensic Science is a good choice, provided you are in to it for a long haul. The job opportunities after graduation are extremely limited as it is concentrated more at government agencies, and hence getting a masters (Msc) or higher degree could be a better option.

If you take biology after 12th, you can still take up forensic science for your masters. So, if the job market is improved, and you still have an interest, doing a masters in forensic science could be beneficial at that point of time.

Most of the reputed colleges offer forensic science at the masters level currently, so may be taking up biology for graduation could be a better option.

Forensic science is pretty new in our country and like every other newly introduced technology or process, there is limited number of jobs available initially and it takes time.  Read this article to understand more – 3 things no one tells while choosing a new field of study

Jay C User Answered on October 9, 2017.
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