Maths or Economics?

I am from Commerce stream in +2. I want to pursue Maths or Economics after +2. Please guide which course should I opt for and what are the future prospects of these two courses?

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You can opt for B.A. Economics or B.A. Maths (or combined – B.A . Economics and Maths).

Both have bright future prospects, provided you do it from a reputed college, get good grades and also complete you major (M.A.) in any of them.

Getting a degree from a reputed college does gives one an upperhand while job hunting, and with stiff competition, doing a major after your bachelors is recommended to cut further competition.

If you take up major in economics, say micro-economics, you can get in to companies or banks working and analysing on their products’ demand and supply, analysing the future market conditions on prices, wages, rentals and interest rates etc.,

You may also take up teaching jobs in colleges or universities after your M.A. in either of them.

Bachelors in maths also have options of doing their Masters in Computer programming courses like MCA etc.,

Hence, the possibilities and future is good for both the streams.

To short list either of them, you can check out the subjects that each has to offer. This would give an idea of what you will be dealing with while studying.

Jay C User Answered on March 6, 2015.
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