MBA or MCA, which one to choose?

I am intrested in both mba and mca? Which one should i choose?

I am planning to settle down in life and also planning to go abroad.

Which field has better job offers?

Anonymous User Asked on February 11, 2015 in Management Studies.
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Since you have not given your background (bachelor’s stream), it is important to note that both the course are completely different to each other.

If you have done maths or computer programming up to graduation level, then taking up MCA might not be a problem, if you are good at it.

MCA involves lot programming stuff, where you will be sitting for hours doing coding work. You need to have lots of patience for it.

MBA is something about working on analysis and figures. Here you will deal with management techniques or strategies that companies adopt to manage itself in the daily workings doing all kind of analysis – like, market analysis, sales analysis, financial analysis etc.,

Both being completely different fields, each needs different levels of skillset, and the day-to-day working involved in both fields are entirely different too.

If you are planning to work abroad, both are again good options. Make sure you get your degree from a reputed and recognised college, with good grades. A top B-School degree has its own value, so also an MCA degree from top technical institute.

Weigh your options and choose wisely.

Jay C User Answered on February 11, 2015.
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