MBBS or BBA after 12th

Sir/mam,i m confused between what to do after 12 between bba and Mbbs.. My parents want that I should go for Mbbs, sometimes I think they are right but some I think bba is for Me.. Please help me..

Snehil User Asked on January 15, 2018 in After 12th.
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MBBS and BBA are two completely different fields of choice. While one is a professional medical degree course, the other is a general management degree course.

A medical degree is considered an evergreen and safe field. Along with giving you a professional degree, it is believed to give you are steady income throughout your life and a respectable status in the society. Hence you find most parents and elders insisting on taking it.

BBA is comparatively new and though it doesn’t specialise you in any area of management, it gives you an overall idea of different areas of Finance, HR, Marketing, Planning, Strategy among others.

Years of study varies and medicine takes a longer time, but though BBA has fewer years, getting a Masters could be more beneficial to push your career for better prospects. This could be done after your degree or ideally after a few years of working, which could provide you with better insight of where your skills could be best used.

Coming to the cost of education, then MBBS can be extremely costly, especially if you do not get a good ranking in the medical entrance exams. The cost for seats, in private colleges, could just go over the roof, if you know what I mean.

So, if you aren’t able to score higher, you should then have a good financial backing to bear this cost.

The cost also becomes a major concern if you lose interest in the field midway. During their studies, there are students who feel that medicine is not what they wanted, but being committed financially and the number of years spent studying, most carry on with it.

A few, however, do take a chance and get into other fields, like for example management (MBA) and work in the medical, pharma and related industry in the management cadre.

Coming back to BBA, is a general management degree, and doesn’t specialise you in a particular field, and hence getting jobs in smaller towns, becomes a bit of daunting task. In cities that have big companies with their corporate and registered offices, it becomes much easier comparatively for job hunting.

Further, especially for BBA, it is highly important that you try and get admission in a top college. Hence, you should score extremely well in your 12th (Read more…)

BBA is an interesting field, especially for students who have varied interests; are comfortable at working in a team, as it involves a lot of projects that require teamwork.

Comparatively, it is less rigorous than MBBS as far as the curriculum is concerned.

Workwise, nowadays every field needs one to spend long hours at work. A management trainee do spend more time at office working on planning, strategy part etc., with the team.

A doctor’s job, on the other hand, could be 24/7 round the clock, depending on what field she/he is specialising.

The job for management trainees involves projects that have a delivery time, and hence there could be a fixed schedule.

While, for a doctor, it could more be of ad-hoc (emergency) takes needs quick thinking and on the spot decision making.

The commitment level needed is high in both, though a doctor has a much higher responsibility.

Academic skill-wise, for MBBS, you should be extremely good in biology, while for BBA a good hold over maths may give you a better edge. Even though the maths involved is more of business mathematics than pure mathematics. So, a decent level of mathematical understanding could help.

If you are good in both these subjects, you may need to understand more of the work involved in these two professions. So, search a bit more on how is a typical day in a doctor’s and a management person’s life, to get more clarity of work they do, on a daily basis. You may compare these to find which interests you the most, and what gives you a better comfort level.

If needed, you may take an aptitude test to get a more thorough understanding of your skills and interests levels.

The reason for taking all the above steps is that your choice depends upon a career that you may most probably pursue the rest of your life. So, you should check out all aspects before finalising on either one of them.

All the best !!!

Jay C User Answered on January 18, 2018.
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