What are the options in Biology after 12th ?

My preferred subject is Biology. I want to do higher studies in this specific stream. What are the career options in Biology after class 12 ?

Anonymous User Asked on February 9, 2015 in No Category.
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There are quite a few options after 12th with Biology

If you are interested in medicine and related fields, you can take up MBBS, Dental or Veterinary Science studies.

If your interest is to move in to agriculture, then you can take courses in Agriculture related to research or technical.

Other technical courses like Biotechnology and specialisations in bioinformatics are available too.

You can get in to the field of Pharmacy by doing B.Pharm.

Then there is the regular pure science fields like B.Sc Biology and higher studies related to it.

You need to know which field interest you the most and then pursue it.

Poorni User Answered on February 9, 2015.
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There are plenty of opportunities in the field of biology – in short you can take almost any direction you can take, or any part of the world with this field.

Biology doesn’t only make one Biologists, who works in a lab doing research by cutting up frogs 🙂

You can do higher studies in biotechnology by doing engineering courses like B.Tech wherein you will work on the applicability of biotech in engineering firms.

You can do research in biotech by taking by B.Sc. and M.Sc route and working on finding new breakthroughs.

Then there is always the regular route of Medical field or Detail field, which is pretty commonly taken by students.

Students can take up legal route after they complete the Graduation in Biology, and works for Chemical and Biotech companies that look for legal experts with background in bio and chemical.

Another option is pharmacy wherein you can become a medical rep working for pharma companies, and later do an MBA and get in to managing a team of medical reps.

Environment is very fast growing field, which can be good option, once you complete graduation in Bio, taking up MSc in Environment.

If you feel that writing or journalism is your passion, then after your graduation in Biology you can do journalism courses and get in to writing for magazines / journals that deals with biology field, or get in to media that reports on developments in bio field.

There are quite a few option if one look at it, with a career in biology.

Jay C User Answered on February 9, 2015.
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One of the best option is to pursue for B.Sc. in Biology. After that you can go for M.Sc. in Biotechnology through IIT JAM Exam. You can get admission into IITs (Indian Institute of Technology) and IISc (Indian Institute of Science) through JAM Entrance exam.

There will be lots of career opportunity for you after completion of M.Sc. in Biotechnology

Following are the industries for biotechnology aspirants:

Healthcare, Medicine, Pharmaceutical, Agriculture, Animal husbandry, Genetic engineering Environmental conservation, Soil biology, Ecology, Textile industry, Cosmetics

Ravi Mahawar User Answered on November 8, 2017.
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