What are the options in Humanities?

I’m a humanities student and at this point I’m totally confused about my Career as in what to study after my 12th? What are the career options with humanities?

Anonymous User Asked on March 7, 2015 in After 12th.
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Humanities course is vast, in the sense, it covers literature, sociology, psychology, political science etc., It is confusing, yes, but then you have more choices, if you look at the positive side of it.

A few top choices for higher studies could be –

Economics – If you love doing all kind of analysis, market research and stuff, statistics etc., then this course could be a good choice.

Political Science, if you intend to get in to the field of politics, social working, or say, work with international organisations like UN etc., this course could be a good choice.

Journalism, is yet another exciting career for the ones who are very good at communications, like to write and talk about current affairs, social issues etc., Here you have choices of either working for a newspaper or a television channel in different areas like – crime, poltics, entertainment, sports, arts etc., where you can be a presenter, a writer, or a critic. You can even be a freelancer.

Sociology, is another choice if you want to work for NGOs or organisations like UNESCO etc.,

Psychology, another great choice to know more about human behaviour and mind. How and what drives them to behave in a certain manner? With schools, colleges and organisations becoming more and more aware of this field of science, there are plenty of opportunities for psychologists to secure a good job in future. Here again you have a specialisations like Industrial, Counselling and Clinical to carve a niche for yourself.

If still you are confused, you can jot down your area of interests in a piece of paper on one side, and list out what skills are specifically required against each.

Say for journalism – writing, communicating, good hold on language etc.,

Now tick the skills that you believe that you have in each one of them. You can now short list the ones which you have most skills for and then make a wise decision on which one to choose, and go for it.

Poorni User Answered on March 7, 2015.
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