Where does a psychologist work?

I am planing to doing graduation course in psychology, and would wish to know where does a psychologist work? Do they only work in hospitals or labs? I am planning to take up specialisation in Counselling for my post graduation.

Anonymous User Asked on March 8, 2015 in After 12th.
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Psychologists do work in hospitals and lab, but they also work in other environment.

It depends on what area of speciality the pschologist have. A clinical psychologists mostly work in hospitals and institutions related to health and care.

A forensic or criminal psychologists may work in police stations, criminal detection cetnres, courts etc.,

Clinical psychologists and counselling psychologists, who take up pricate practice, have their own offices and work schedule.

They also work in corporate office of companies, in schools, and still others work in centres that deal with therapies.

Poorni User Answered on March 8, 2015.
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