Which is better? Commerce or Science

I have passed in high school UP board 10th. I am confused what to take after 10th, Science or Commerce?

Many people advised me that i choose maths. But, I am weak in physics and chemistry. So, if i choose maths it may affect my 12th results. Also, I have a question, if i choose commerce, shall i not get many job options?

Deepesh Dixit User Asked on June 16, 2017 in After 10th.
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You need to first know that whatever you take after 10th, you may or certainly are not looking for jobs after 12th.

Hence, what is important is that you score really well in 12th, and get in to a good college, so that you improve your chances of getting a good job opportunity after your college.

To get a good job, you need to be consistently scoring high percentages and get a degree from a reputed college. This could really help in the current scenario when there is high level of competition.

Now, to score good marks, you need to take subjects in which you are good at, and have an interest. If you choose subjects that you are good at and have an interest towards it, there are chances, that when you put in hardwork in your studies, you might score really good.

If you choose subjects in which you are weak, it could affect your overall results, if you don’t put extraordinary effort. Science is a tough stream, and getting average marks, you cannot expect to get in to good college for higher studies.

Regarding maths, if you are really good at maths, then you may take maths in Commerce for 11th and 12th. It opens up other options like – computer application courses (BCA, BSc IT etc.,), BSc Mathematics, BSc Statistics etc.,

Commerce is a good stream, but again, as said above, getting consistently good percentages in your exams and getting a degree from a reputed college is important.

Commerce has plenty of options after 12th. Hence, it is not that you would only have options in accounting or finance field. You may take Law, Mass Communications, Statistics, Economics, Computers (provided you take maths in 11th-12th) and other options after 12th Commerce.

In commerce there are professional courses which you can do along with your studies after 12th like – Chartered Accountancy or Cost Accounting or Company Secretary etc., If you are extremely good in maths, you may also try and give exams to be an Actuary (http://www.actuariesindia.org/).

Hence, there are plenty of options in Commerce. It all depends on choosing the right course where you have the required skills and relevant interest.

Jay C User Answered on June 16, 2017.
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