Which subjects should I choose after 10th to be an economist

Sir,  I passed 10th class with 90.33% recently. Now,  I want to be an economist. Give me information about subjects  I should take in 11th class

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Congratulations on your wonderful score in tenth, you clearly are intelligent and hardworking. Economics is a very good area of expertise. As suggested by other contributors- Math- Statistics-Finance and Accounting are very important subjects to get a graduation in economics. Economics also involves understanding of political, social and business impacts. I suggest you start reading books on topics related to impacts of economics to the society and economic theories that changed the world perspective. As an economist, you could have a career in International NGOs like World Bank and International Finance Corporation ( You should aim to do internships with them while you study economics to gain some practical exposure). Economists also have career in academics and business. You should aim to get a bachelors in economics with minors in statistics/finance/ political science/ Sociology. Best of Luck and Cheers on your great score, keep it up!

Sam User Answered on August 18, 2015.
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Dev, you need to take Maths and Economics subjects in your 11th. You can either choose Arts or Commerce stream.

If you take Commerce, you will have accounting subjects, which could be beneficial to understand the financial aspects, which are related to economics.

If you take Arts, you have Political Science, which is another important area of knowledge that is connected to economics.

After 12th you can pursue B.Sc or B.A. in Economics.

Kiran J T User Answered on June 11, 2015.
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Maths is important subject for study of Economics.

Other subjects are Political Science, Business studies and subjects like Statistics are important too.

Some students take Arts, while some others take Commerce till 12th.

You can take either streams, as per the subjects you find more interesting to get knowledge about. After 12th one need to take admissions in BA or BSc Economics for higher studies, and students from either Commerce or Arts are eligible for BA or BSc Economics after 12th.

Also, after 12th, if you can get do BA Economics (Honours) it will be very good.

Jay C User Answered on June 11, 2015.
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