3 Good Reasons for Joining a Top College

Reputation or ranking of a college is surely not a guarantee of success in career. Dedication and hard work definitely play an important part. That said, a top or reputed college does provide you much more than just a grade card by the end of it.

Choosing a decent college is as important as choosing the right course for your higher studies. Whether you are planning your graduation or masters, here are three practically genuine reasons why you should try to get into the best of the colleges:-

1) Faculties

We see some professors hold your attention by their way of teaching, explaining and knowledge of things. Most of the times the lectures of such professors see huge attendance by students. It not only improves a student’s knowledge about the subject, but the interests shown by them boosts the confidence of the lecturer too, who would put extra effort every time to keep this interest going in students by sharing and communicating quality information every time.

Top colleges are known to have qualified and best of the faculties – whether internal or external visiting faculties.

The primary qualifications of faculties in such reputed colleges are not just a basic teaching degree, but most of them are involved in higher level studies, like masters degree or a specialised degree in their field, while a few of them have done research on the subject areas they are handling.

Apart from that, as discussed above, these faculties are good communicators and patient listeners. They teach things in all its completeness and don’t just stick around limiting themselves to borders of the textbooks.

All that makes you spend more time in your classroom rather than at the college cafeteria.

Apart from this, a majority of the top and well-known colleges attract and invite experienced research scientists, doctors, professionals, technical and business heads etc., The information and experience these professionals share are priceless for every student.

2) Facilities

There are colleges in our country where students do not have access to basic facilities.

For example, in quite a few junior colleges, students don’t have access to computers until the second year. That’s a difficult situation for students planning higher studies in software or related courses.

Study of computers is more practical, with things learned better understood when applied. One cannot expect students to grasp concepts just by reading books. And, not all student can afford a computer at home to practice.

One hardly experiences such a situations at good / reputed colleges. This is one important aspect to consider while choosing your college, especially in fields like engineering, software, research science etc.,

3) Campus interviews

The important reason why we all go to college, apart from gaining a degree, is to find a good job at the end of it all.

Campus interviews are one such great opportunity to get things start rolling right away once we pass out. It becomes even more valuable and exciting when we have top companies come hiring.

Each of these top companies who plan to visit colleges are looking to hire the best available talent in the market, and so, naturally, they start the process by targeting the elite and reputed colleges first.

For a student, it’s not only the job or the money associated with it but the confidence boost, when you get hired by a good company, is incredible.

In our country, we have hundreds of engineering colleges with lakhs of students passing out every year, but only a handful of colleges (Read, the reputed ones) among them get campus interviews happening from top companies. (Read: Why CA is a better choice than Engineering)

To conclude, success definitely cannot be guaranteed just by getting admission into a reputed college, but the perks of joining one really outweighs and helps put you on the right track by giving you the best available guidance, facilities, and a pedestal to confidently start your career.

(The author is a Career Advisor in the field of Education, providing guidance and counselling to students, since the past 8 plus years)


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