4 steps to be a Fashion Illustrator

We all love to see great creative work and applaud it for its intricacy, art and thoughts. If you have a creative edge and would want to make a career in this field then this piece is for you. Fashion illustrators are also recognised as fashion artists.

Fashion Illustrators are trained to create fashion ideas through their artwork. They use pens and pencils or digital equipments to design images for magazines, designers, ad agencies and other marketing agencies. Fashion illustrators work full-time, as freelancers or on contract basis.

The following 4 steps will lead you to being a fashion illustrator –

1) Get to know the art

To be an illustrator you must know computer design software and hold a degree in graphic design or any field related to it. Before becoming a fashion illustrator you need to understand if this is the right career path for you and it is deemed for your interests, skills and capabilities. Following are some of the points that you must inhabit in order to become a fashion illustrator:

– You need to be a fashionista and have interest in styling.
– You need to be artistic and hold drawing examination grades
– You are enthusiastic about this industry and ready to innovate with new ideas
– You have good communication skills
– You need to make a very strong portfolio

2) What and Where to learn?

Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design – Best Colleges for this course are – NIFT, Management & Design Academy, Zee Institute of Creative Art

Major in Fine Arts (Specialization in Illustrations) – Best Colleges – International Institute of Fine Art, Modinagar (U.P.)

3) What next?

You need to start creating your artistic portfolio to have a better edge over the other candidates. To become a fashion illustrator you need a formal training. Classes or varied fine art classes can help a student to learn to draw and create.

Apart from this, a student also needs to be skilled with advanced drawings and to show intricacy and skill through CAD (Computer aided design). You also need to understand clothing and other fashion related trends.

4) Where and how to start working?

Many fashion illustrators are freelancers and do something on their own. They run creative boutiques for clients that require jobs to be done. Following are a list of job profiles that you can take up if you get into the industry as a fashion illustrator:

– Agencies that work with fashion houses and designers
– Fashion houses
– Fashion ore Retail Designers
– Fashion Shows
– Media Agencies
– Retail houses

The best way to start your career as a fashion illustrator is to work as an intern for the initial stages of your career. This will provide you with experience and also give you a push into the industry.


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