5 best careers options for logically smart students

Often demonstrating high level problem-solving abilities, left-brained people are characterized by sequential and logical thought. While creative and intuitive people find their niche in artistic field, logical and analytical individuals flourish well in technical and highly critical problem solving avenues.

Here are 5 best career options best suited for students with excellent logical skills-


Lawyers are known for their great memory power, quick sense of judgement, analytical reasoning based on facts and figures and knack to find loopholes in a case amongst many other responsibilities. It makes a great career option with someone blessed with good logical reasoning.

One may choose to opt for 3 years Bachelors in Law after 12th in any stream, and then choose to specialise in a specific law branch for Masters to get in to the legal profession.


A journalist applies his logical sense while covering real time incidents, interviewing individuals and presenting them in sync with facts and figures on a respectable media such as newspaper, magazines or social media are few of the tasks of a journalist.

Bachelors degree in Mass Media is opted by students who have completed 12th grade, in any desired stream, to pursue career in journalism.

Computer Programming

Programming, many think, is maths. It is only partly correct. Programming is more of numbers and logics. A student who is good with numbers and good logical skills can do wonders in this field.

In programming you see lot of codes, but it is in fact numbers and logic and work. It is basically using logic to arrange codes and do what you want them to do i.e, bending computers to your will.

In computer programming, the earlier your start, the better. Computing is the future and the future look good for the left-brained.


Research into accepted and unaccepted facts, create new breakthroughs, highly analytical and unconventional are their qualities. They develop theories and solutions to problems., highly disciplined and enjoy investigating facts. It is well suited for the logically sound ones.

One needs to opt for science after 10th grade, apart from having great keenness in pure and research science.

Civil Engineering

If you are one of those left brained ones who have passion to “build”, civil engineering could just be right for you. The best thing about this field is that it is not monotonus. It keeps you alive, and as every project poses a new challenge, it needs a strong analytical mind.

A civil engineer handle the overall construction work viz., from evaluating a project, giving technical support, calculating and testing materails, following the set standards, monitoring the work in progress among many others.

They have a great eye for the minutest detail,  master various skills and are competent to lead and oversee a whole project. These can only be done by one with good analytical thinking.

Interested student needs to take up Science stream after 10th and follow up with a Civil Engineering degree after 12th grade.

Chartered Accountants:

Chartered accountants work in fields such as audit, taxation, financial management. While some work in public sector other choose to set up their own private venture. This profession involves high level analytical and logical reasoning apart from immense love for numbers.

Interested students need to clear all three levels of examinations prescribed by ICAI, the admission for which starts after 10th grade.


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