5 ways to convince parents about your choice of field?

You know what your calling is, but your parents are skeptical about its future. What to do? We are living in the times when we have loads of choices to convert our passion in a fulfilling career choice. While you will intuitively know that you have to follow certain stream to be something, your parents don’t agree because of their growing up, their mindset and may be possibly lack of vision.

They tend to limit the choices by restricting you to few lucrative careers. Naturally, the disagreements increase. This article will tell you about how to convince parent about your chosen career.

1. Take an informed decision

Don’t select the career just because its offbeat and look glamorous. Rigorous research and reading about the career would definitely help to present a good case in front of your parents. Solid backing of aptitude tests (career assessment test) can also prove that how this career is perfect for you. These scientific tests measure your abilities and help determine a suitable career based on your interest and aptitude. All of this will tell your parents that you have made well informed and serious decision to go for this career.

2. Meeting career counsellor

Career counselors specialize in giving academic advice to parents and student. If you don’t wish to go for obvious / popular career options such as medical or engineering, then visit career counselors. These services are available through online and offline modes. Professionals will analyze your personality type and test scores. The final report will suggest number of careers. Counsellors can also tell you about how to approach particular career. Names of institutions, details of admission process and fees will be told by education consultation firm. A professional advise surely helps in changing the mindset of parents.

3. Give time for face to face discussion

If your parents are still not convinced about career choice, then you must sit down and talk with them personally. Bridging the communication gap between you and parents is important. Sometimes you may also realize own mistakes in career choice while talking to them. If the discussion reflects the amount of efforts you have put in choosing particular career, they will definitely approve it. You can also ask them to talk to career counsellor again to be sure about the choice you have made.

4. Keep good examples in front of them

Tell your parents about successful great people in the field chosen by you. It will assure them that even you can succeed in this particular career line. Explain them the current salary structure offered for a job in your field. By doing this, they will not only support you but also feel confident about the choice you have made.

5. Back up career options

You never know when you will need a backup option. Many times choosing a particular course doesn’t limit your career choices. By simply being a graduate in any field, you can appear for many government and private sector competitive exams. Tell your parents about how many career options are open for your despite choosing a particular course to graduate from.

Also, in some cases, a good word by siblings and relatives also help to convince the parents.

To conclude, if you are really passionate about your career choice, you must do everything to convince your parents. All the best!


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