6 best career options in photography

When you chase your dreams, you will find your passion and do what you love doing the best. When you make your passion your pay check you will never work for a day but enjoy every day. Find your dreams and make a way through your talent to achieve it. You can choose your passion as a career and get trained to become a master.

Photography is one such passion that is booming in our country. Apart from India being a lovely place for nature and scenic photography, everyday in this country there are events, marriages, functions, film-shooting and other activities that need to be photographed. Our country is facing a need for good and knowledgeable photographers who with their cameras can create magic.

With the upsurge in mass communication and growth of media and fashion there is a constant need for photographers to be around.

If you are interested in pursuing your career in photography then you should move ahead as there are a lot of prospects waiting for you in this world. You can look for a fulltime course or pursue this as a career along with your mainline education.

Job Roles as a Photographer

Photojournalists or Press Photographers:

This is a branch of journalism that uses pictures to tell news. You need to be prompt with your captures and ideate to generate news out of a picture. This will also cover feature photography for which you need to capture pictures for one subject of a new story. Photojournalists work as a freelancer as well as in an agency. (read more….)

Fashion Photographers

Photographers that work for magazines, designers, fashion houses our model agencies. This is considered to be glamourous field. You need to be updated with the latest fashion trends.

Wildlife and Nature Photographers

If forests and animals attract you then this is the field that you need to get into. Photographers work for travel and wildlife magazines, calendars and film houses.

Industrial Photographers

You need to click pictures of machines, workers, industrial layouts and fields that can be used for magazines, advertising and selling purpose.

Event Photographers

These photographers capture events like weddings, birthdays, shows, sports and other events. There is a day to day demand for this kind of photography and also the market for this field is huge. You can pursue this as a freelancer and do it along with your studies.

Forensic Photographers

These photographers click pictures from every angle for crime investigation purpose which can be given to the police or detective agencies.

Where to study?

There are a number of well-known institutes and colleges that offer degree and diploma courses in Photography.

Degree Courses

  • College of Art (DU) – BA in Fine Arts, MA in Fine Arts
  • JJ School of Applied Art- Mumbai
  • The Light and Life Academy- Ooty
  • Osmania University- Hyderabad

Diploma Courses

  • Asian Academy of Film & Television- Delhi
  • New York Film Academy- Mumbai

Part Time Courses

  • Udaan- Mumbai
  • National Institute of Photography – Mumbai


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