7 Cool Career Profiles in Video Gaming Industry

Have you ever thought of doing a job where you will need to play games all the time? Yes, there are profiles that involve playing the game while there are so many other profiles that contribute to the gaming experience. The gaming industry, though, is not restricted to jobs involving computer engineers, but varied career options are available for students from other specialised fields. Developing a video game requires technical knowledge and study of various tool and technologies.

Here is a list of 7 cool career profiles that one can choose in the gaming industry:-

  1. Game programmers: These are special technical profile of the candidates who have done their Bachelor or Masters Degree in Computer programming and application. They develop code-bases for video games or related software, such as game development tools. They work on AI programming, game programs, and its operational functions.
  2. Games Designer: A web designer, who can assist in gaming environment design, can opt this career. They help in designing the characters, background, level design and other structural designs. These require specific skills and knowledge of designing tools.
  3. Animator and 3D Modeler: These profiles are meant for the candidates who have sound knowledge of 3D animation, Graphics, VFX and animation tools. They help in making the gaming object movable thereby giving them a virtual experience of live gaming.
  4. Sound and Audio Makers: Most games involved background sound, while others had character voice, sound effects, and other audio requirements. These profiles require the expertise of audio engineering, voice-overs, and sound integration and can be carried out by completing a diploma or training.
  5. Game producers: This specific management profile assembles the requirements and allocation of the task and makes sure that the game will be created under the defined budget with on time delivery.
  6. Game Script Developers: This is purely based on the writing skills of an individual. Every game requires an introduction, timely tips, help and other scripts, to make the user aware of the gaming steps. The script developers and writer assist in all the writing part.
  7. Tester or Quality Assurance: Once the game is ready, the QA and game testers play the entire game and keep close eyes on the loopholes, obstacles and errors occur during play. These errors will be fixed for the further testing. Once approved, the game will be launched.

Video Gaming, thus, is not just fun, but a good career prospect too.


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