7 jobs that require good communication skills

Verbal skill is a quintessential tool for any individual applying for wide range of job opportunities in today’s world. Barring few jobs almost every second opportunity requires one to possess exceptional communication and inter-personal skills.

What if one is good technically but poor in communication?
Though having technical skills is a good starting point for one’s career, but growth acceleration happens with possession of good communication and interpersonal skills. One can say, technical skills and verbal skills are two wheels of one bike, for one cannot sustain without the other.

For instance, highly successful people in different areas, like business heads, industrialists, corporate officers etc., are known for their strong communication skill along with their impressive professional knowledge.

Career prospects for a person with effective communication skills:

Even though having good communication skills is an advantage in almost every field, we list below 7 careers for which good verbal skill forms the basis for success:-

1) Human Relations field

Individuals with excellent communication skills, negotiation, recruitment, skill training and much more make up for an excellent HR. Qualifications needed is a degree of MBA specialising in field of Human Relations, or a Post Graduate degree in HR.

An excellent HR is always needed in every business and corporate field.

2) Writer/Author/Blogger

Love writing, reading and sharing your words? The lucrative world of blogging might just be what you would like to explore. Writing a short novel, poems and advertising can be your one of the many options.

No particular professional degree can amount to a good writer, as it is a personal creative option. It needs you to understand and communicate to your audience well. The better you communicate, the more you succeed in this profession

A 3- 4 years degree in Multimedia after completing 12th, opens up a wide range of career options.

4) Training and Development Coach

If your passion is speaking, why not make a profession out of it? Soft skills trainer, motivational speaker, coaching in various professional segments can be one of various options wide open.

5) Event management

Event organisers and managers require one to connect with wide range of individuals from sponsors, to sometimes conduct the whole event as an anchor.

6) Digital marketing

A newly developing opportunity which involves using social media as a tool to leverage audience and marketing opportunities, while this may or may not involve face to face communication, written expression through mails and skype calls requires one to be competent in verbal field.

7) Film and TV Industry

Those with pleasing personality and great emotive response and instincts can always try their luck and work their way out for wide avenues as talk show host, actor and TV News Reporter.


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