8 best career opportunities for Dyslexics

Being a dyslexic in this age and time should no longer be a concern as far as your career in concerned. In fact it is special, as you can explore different career aspects and showcase your skills. If one receives proper guidance through good career counselling, s/he could easily achieve success. It is important, hence, to understand the fields available according to your specific skill-set and interest, so that you could to pursue it.

One of the innate qualities in an dyslexic person is good visual and spatial understanding. They are visual thinkers and relate to images strongly than to normal texts or documents. Hence, career options covering these two areas could be good choice for you. Here is a list of 8 best professions that utilises these two areas the most –

  1. Graphic designer: Here the person needs to have a good visual concept and thus handling the job responsibilities could be easy
  2. Painter: This is another great opportunity where the person needs to connect with visual concepts.
  3. Storyteller: A storyteller needs to visualize the concepts and the characters, establishing a good connection between them.
  4. Entrepreneur: An entrepreneur is the person who needs to visualize the concepts and go ahead accordingly. (Read – 40% of the billionaires surveyed in 2003 were dyslexic)
  5. Journalist/Publisher: It involves visualising the concept and writing accordingly to come out with a great story.
  6. Filmmaker: Film making starts with visualisation before the actual shooting happens. A film is thus simply a visualization of a concept. The filmmaker comes out with the concept, which is given a real time appearance.
  7. Video game maker: Here a person needs to come out with a exciting concept, which comes real on the Virtual screen.
  8. Paleontologist: He/she would be responsible to study the fossils. So, the person needs to relate to the historical facts. A person who is having dyslexia can easily come out with a good visualization process. (Read about – Jack Horner)

Further, being aware of your own abilities is the best way to start, and focusing on your strong areas should always be your prime motive. While applying for a job, it’s better to disclose dyslexia as early as possible. It helps one to get good support and adjustment from the organization. Thus, one can do the work confidently and effectively.


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